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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Network Control Plane Synthesis and VerificationBeckett, Ryan
2020Network Privacy and User Protection in the Internet of ThingsApthorpe, Noah
2012Network-based analysis of protein functionSong, Jimin
2018Network-Based Prioritization of Disease Genes, Animal Models, and Drug TargetsHomilius, Max
2016New Abstractions for Mobile Connectivity and Resource ManagementKiefer, Robert
2020New Directions in Efficient Privacy-Preserving Machine LearningWagh, Sameer
2015New methods for the computational fabrication of appearancePereira, Thiago Siqueira
2019New Paths from Splay to Dynamic OptimalityLevy, Caleb
2013New Results in the Theory of Approximation: Fast Graph Algorithms and InapproximabilitySachdeva, Sushant
2013New Systems and Algorithms for Scalable Fault ToleranceSen, Siddhartha
2017New Techniques for Learning and Inference in Bayesian ModelsRisteski, Andrej
2017Non-convex Optimization for Machine Learning: Design, Analysis, and UnderstandingMa, Tengyu
2018Nonconvex Statistical OptimizationWang, Zhaoran
2014Nonlinear Filtering in High DimensionRebeschini, Patrick
2018Off-chain protocols for cryptocurrenciesGoldfeder, Steven Andrew
2013On Containment Relations in Directed GraphsKim, Ilhee
2016On edge colouring, fractionally colouring and partitioning graphsEdwards, Katherine
2021On Geometric Optimization, Learning and ControlWeber, Melanie
2021On recognition algorithms and structure of graphs with restricted induced cyclesCook, Linda