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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Machine Learning on GraphsEis, David Jeremy
2017Mapping Sub-Saharan African Agriculture in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery with Computer Vision & Machine LearningDebats, Stephanie Renee
2019MCMC algorithms for sampling from multimodal and changing distributionsLee, Holden
2019Meta-Learning for Data and Processing EfficiencyRavi, Sachin
2019Meta-Reinforcement Learning with Episodic Recall: An Integrative Theory of Reward-Driven LearningRitter, Samuel
2017Methods for Personalized Design of Data SonificationWolf, KatieAnna Elizabeth
2020Methods for Reinforcement Learning in Clinical Decision SupportPrasad, Niranjani
2012Modeling the Impact of Human Mobility: Mobile Devices as Sensors and Content VectorsIsaacman, Sibren
2015A multi-agent approach to the evolution of microbial populations in the presence of spatially structured social interactionBorenstein, David Bruce
2014Multi-tenant Resource Allocation For Shared Cloud StorageShue, David
2017Multi-view Representation Learning with Applications to Functional Neuroimaging DataChen, Po-Hsuan
2018Network Control Plane Synthesis and VerificationBeckett, Ryan
2020Network Privacy and User Protection in the Internet of ThingsApthorpe, Noah
2012Network-based analysis of protein functionSong, Jimin
2018Network-Based Prioritization of Disease Genes, Animal Models, and Drug TargetsHomilius, Max
2016New Abstractions for Mobile Connectivity and Resource ManagementKiefer, Robert
2020New Directions in Efficient Privacy-Preserving Machine LearningWagh, Sameer
2015New methods for the computational fabrication of appearancePereira, Thiago Siqueira
2019New Paths from Splay to Dynamic OptimalityLevy, Caleb
2013New Results in the Theory of Approximation: Fast Graph Algorithms and InapproximabilitySachdeva, Sushant