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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Large Scale Visual RecognitionDeng, Jia
2016Large-scale analyses of functional interactions in the human brainWang, Yida
2018Learning Algorithms in Strategic EnvironmentsSchneider, Jonathan
2019Learning and Deploying Local FeaturesZhang, Linguang
2019Learning to Learn Optimally: A Practical Framework for Machine Learning Applications with Finite Time HorizonLee, Donghun
2019Learning Visual Affordances for Robotic ManipulationZeng, Andy
2012Learning with Asymmetry, High Dimension and Social NetworksTong, Xin
2015Learning with Sparsity and Scattering NetworksChen, Xu
2019Leveraging Distributed Storage Redundancy in DatacentersTai, Amy
2018Locality in coding theoryGopi, Sivakanth
2017Lower Bounds for Error-Correcting Codes with Local RecoveryHu, Guangda
2014Machine Learning on GraphsEis, David Jeremy
2017Mapping Sub-Saharan African Agriculture in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery with Computer Vision & Machine LearningDebats, Stephanie Renee
2019MCMC algorithms for sampling from multimodal and changing distributionsLee, Holden
2019Meta-Learning for Data and Processing EfficiencyRavi, Sachin
2019Meta-Reinforcement Learning with Episodic Recall: An Integrative Theory of Reward-Driven LearningRitter, Samuel
2017Methods for Personalized Design of Data SonificationWolf, KatieAnna Elizabeth
2020Methods for Reinforcement Learning in Clinical Decision SupportPrasad, Niranjani
2012Modeling the Impact of Human Mobility: Mobile Devices as Sensors and Content VectorsIsaacman, Sibren
2015A multi-agent approach to the evolution of microbial populations in the presence of spatially structured social interactionBorenstein, David Bruce