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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Camera Motion Estimation by Convex ProgrammingOzyesil, Onur
2016Capturing, Processing, and Synthesizing Surfaces with DetailsBerkiten, Sema
2020Characterizing and Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Manycore Processors for Data Center ApplicationsMcKeown, Michael Patrick
2020Circumventing Lower Bounds in Mechanism and Tournament DesignSchvartzman Cohenca, Ariel
2014Classifications of protein roles in the functional organization of the cellPritykin, Yury
2012Collaborative and Adaptive Mobile Device-resident Service ArchitecturesKoukoumidis, Emmanouil
2013Combinatorial code analysis for understanding biological regulationJiang, Peng
2017Community Detection in the Stochastic Block Model: fundamental limitsSandon, Colin Peter
2020Complexity Aspects of Fundamental Questions in Polynomial OptimizationZhang, Jeffrey
2016Compressing Trees with a SledgehammerLarkin, Daniel
2015Computation Improves Interactive Symbolic ExecutionDodds, Joey
2019Computational Approaches for Sequence Guided Metagenome Mining of Small Molecules in the Human MicrobiomeCamacho, Francine Rosa
2016Computational Methods for Exploring Human BehaviorChaney, Allison June Barlow
2015Computational Phase Imaging in Nonlinear and Quantum SystemsLu, Chien-Hung
2016Computer Network Verification and Management using Constraint SolversZhang, Shuyuan
2019Concurrency and Security Verification in Heterogeneous Parallel SystemsTrippel, Caroline
2020Concurrent Permission Machine for modular proofs of optimizing compilers with shared memory concurrency.Cuellar, Santiago
2012Content Conditioning and Distribution for Dynamic Virtual WorldsTerrace, Jeff
2019Context-specific disease gene prediction and functional characterizationZhang, Ran
2012Control of Sensitive Data in Systems with Novel FunctionalityCalandrino, Joseph Anthony