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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Content Conditioning and Distribution for Dynamic Virtual WorldsTerrace, Jeff
2019Context-specific disease gene prediction and functional characterizationZhang, Ran
2012Control of Sensitive Data in Systems with Novel FunctionalityCalandrino, Joseph Anthony
2015Convex Relaxations for Certain Inverse Problems on GraphsBandeira, Afonso S.
2018Data Access Optimization in Accelerator-Oriented Heterogeneous Architecture through Decoupling and Memory Hierarchy SpecializationHam, Tae Jun
2016Data Processing Across ContinentsArye, Matvey
2018Data-Driven 3D Scene UnderstandingSong, Shuran
2020Data-Driven Approaches and Systems to Interrogate Complex DiseaseDannenfelser, Ruth
2014Data-driven Digital Drawing and PaintingLu, Jingwan
2017Data-Driven Management of CDN PerformanceGhasemi, Mojgan
2019Deciphering Disease Genomes in a Network ContextHristov, Borislav H
2016Declarative Network Path QueriesNarayana, Srinivas
2017Deriving Abstractions to Address Hardware Platform Security ChallengesSubramanyan, Pramod
2012Designing Software to Shape Open Government PolicyYu, Harlan
2018Detecting and Analyzing Variation in Protein InteractionsKobren, Shilpa Nadimpalli
2016Detecting gene similarities using large-scale content-based search systemsZhu, Qian
2011Deterministic Compressed SensingJafarpour, Sina
2013Distances and algorithms to compare sets of shapes for automated biological morphometricsPuente, Jesus
2019Distributed Multi-agent Multi-armed BanditsLandgren, Peter
2016Dynamic Control of Software-Defined NetworksJin, Xin