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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Pieces of Mind: Making and Unmaking a Lexicon of the Psyche in Central and Eastern European Literary Modernity (1880-1930)Reilly, Catherine Irene
2013The Poem at the Border of Translation: Osip Mandelstam, Paul Celan, and the Lives of the WordSchnairsohn, Leeore
2012The Poetics of Pathology: Hysteria from Neurology to PsychologyMimran, Masha
2015Political Theories of the Instant in Germany, 1914-1940Schwarzbeck, Humberto
2012The Power of judgment: Aesthetics and Politics in Kant, Hegel, and KleistJohnston, Walter
2020Prosaic Times: Time as Subject in Wordsworth, Richardson, Flaubert, and MelvillePark, John
2018Resistance & Reluctance: On the "National Poets" of Israel/PalestineTalpaz, Sheera Shimona
2016Retours à la terre dans la fiction française et francophone du XXème siècle : traumatismes territoriaux et échecs fertiles. Pierre-Jakez Hélias, Kateb Yacine, Albert Cohen, Samuel BeckettSanquer, Marie
2012Reviving the Rural: The Modernist Poetics of the 20th Century Rural NovelMoffitt, Anne Fay
2015The Russian Sublime: Origins, Rhetoric, and Romantic Response in Pushkin, Platonov, and PelevinPortice, Timothy James
2011The Secret Languages of Modernism: On James, Woolf, and FaulknerChun, Maureen
2017Sensations of Tone: Colored Hearing and the Decline of Meter in French VerseYamaguchi, Liesl Marie Jensen
2015Solitude and Imagination: Cicero, Virgil, Horace, PropertiusKachuck, Aaron
2013Strange Likeness: Modernist Description in James, Proust, and WoolfZhang, Dora
2011Supplication and the Classical Tradition: Vergil, Petrarch, Shakespeare, MiltonWhittington, Leah
2017The Invention of Chinese Buddhist Poetry: Poet-Monks in Late Medieval China (c. 760–960 CE)Mazanec, Thomas James
2018The Pace of Modern Fiction: A History of Narrative Movement in ModernityGingrich, Brian Paul
2016The Poetic Act: Lamartine's Integration of Art and PoliticsHutchings, Peter
2018The Sociality of Novelistic Consciousness: György Lukács, Henry James, and the Practice of Novel TheoryWu, Eaming
2013Theories of the Nonsense Word in Medieval EnglandKirk, Jordan