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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The computational tools for whole-brain imaging and the neural dynamics of behaviors in C. elegansYu, Xinwei
2019The mechanical basis of Myxococcus xanthus self-organization and motility: from single cells to collective behaviorLiu, Guannan
2018The Multiscale Dynamics of Tissue Development: from Nuclear Spin to Collective MigrationSiedlik, Mike John
2021The Physics of Spatial Differentiation in Living SystemsWeiner, Benjamin G
2021The role of hydrodynamics in branching microtubule nucleation and the role of branching microtubule nucleation in acentrosomal spindle assemblySetru, Sagar U
2017The Study of Complex Behavioral Changes with Age in Drosophila melanogaster Using a Quantitative Framework for Behavioral DescriptionChoi, Daniel Moon-hyung
2014Theoretical and Computational Studies of Biophysical Phenomena: Mechanical Stability of Proteins, and Origin of Biological HomochiralityHatch, Harold
2018Thermodynamic And Hydrodynamic Coupling Effects On Compositional Lipid Domains In Membrane Stack SystemsXu, Yuanda
2021Towards Multi-Resolution Imaging of Dynamic Processes in Biological SystemsYin, Shuhui
2022Understanding and Controlling Collective Cell Behavior: A Study of Supracellular Dynamics in Epithelial TissuesWolf, Abraham Engel
2016Vision & Motion in Collective BehaviorTwomey, Colin Robert
2017Whole-brain dynamics underlying spontaneous behavior in C. elegansLinder, Ashley