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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Network-Scale Electrophysiology: Measuring and Understanding the Collective Behavior of Neural CircuitsAmodei, Dario
2019Noninvasive glucose monitoring: New opportunities opened by mid-infrared quantum cascade laser spectroscopyWerth, Alexandra Margot
2014Optical Methods for Simultaneous Imaging and Stimulation of Neural Activity at Cellular Resolution in Awake, Behaving MiceRickgauer, John Peter
2012The origins of directional persistence in amoeboid motilityCooper, Robert
2022Precise Alignment of Serial Section Electron Microscopy Images and Analysis of Neural CircuitsMacrina, Thomas
2018Probability, Entropy, and Adaptive Immune System RepertoiresSethna, Zachary Michael
2013Quantifying and Controlling the Efficiency of Photosynthetic Water OxidationVinyard, David J.
2012Quantifying positional information during early embryonic developmentDubuis, Julien Olivier
2011Quantitative Analysis of Signaling Pathways: Imaging and Modeling of the Terminal Patterning System of the Drosophila EmbryoKim, Yoosik
2012Reading biological processes from nucleotide sequencesMurugan, Anand
2019Regulation of branching microtubule nucleationKing, Matthew Ryan
2022Revealing a law of transcriptional bursting by absolute quantification of nascent RNA in live Drosophila embryosChen, Po-Ta
2015The Role of MreB in E. coli Shape Determination and Whole-Brain Calcium Dynamics in Freely Behaving C. elegansNguyen, Jeffrey P
2017Scaling and Complexity in Simple Multicellular AnimalsDavidescu, Mircea Rasvan
2015Scaling and regulation of gene expression in the developing fly embryoSmith, Eric Michael
2018Searching for Structure in the Social Behavior of Fruit FliesKlibaite, Ugne
2016Shaping the Information Channel: Molecules, Cells, and ExperimentsBak, Ji Hyun
2018Statistical mechanics of hyperuniform materials and particle packingsChen, Duyu
2020Statistical physics approaches to collective behavior in networks of neuronsChen, Xiaowen