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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Consensus Decisions and Structural Information in Shoaling FishHartnett, Andrew Thomas
2021Convergent allostery in Bacillus subtilis ribonucleotide reductase studied by SAXS, crystallography, and Cryo-EMThomas, William Carey
2016Coupling of Chemical Sensing, Mechanosensing, and Wound Healing in Mammalian Cells through Collective Calcium DynamicsLembong, Josephine
2021Dynamic Analysis of Non-Muscle Myosin II Recruitment During Germband ExtensionLefebvre, Matthew Frederick
2014Dynamics of tissue morphogenesisManivannan, Sriram
2015Emergence of Chemotherapy Resistance in Cancer: Microenvironments, Genomics, and Game Theory ApproachesWu, Amy
2015Establishment and maintenance of rod shape by the bacterial actin homologue MreBOuzounov, Nikolay
2019Examining the Material Properties and Dynamics of Condensed RNA/Protein PhasesTaylor, Nicole
2016Functional Conformational Dynamics in Complex Protein SystemsSun, Xun
2014Identifying details that matter: fruit fly development, genetic regulation, and microbial ecologyTikhonov, Mikhail
2021Investigation of Biological Systems at Low Temperatures using Molecular SimulationKozuch, Daniel Jeffrey
2019Large-scale volumetric in vivo two photon calcium imagingSong, Alexander
2019Linking Nucleolar Biophysics to FunctionZhu, Lian
2021Macroscopic Tissue Growth, Expansion, and Collision: Biophysical Insights Toward Tissue Sheet Engineering StrategiesHeinrich, Matthew A
2022Measuring Biomolecular Dynamics Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence in an Anti-Brownian TrapWilson, Hugh Sutcliffe
2013Mechanical Aspects of Drosophila GastrulationPolyakov, Oleg Yurievich
2022Mechanical forces drive the development of bacterial communitiesFei, Chenyi
2016Mechanics of Cell GrowthFeric, Marina
2018Mechanoperception and morphogenesis of living architecturesBeroz, Farzan