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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018In Search of Inflation: Tools for Cosmic Microwave Background PolarimetryCrowley, Kevin
2020Instabilities and Dissipation in Collisionless Magnetized TurbulenceArzamasskiy, Lev
2016Integrated Wavefront Correction and Bias Estimation for the High-Contrast Imaging of ExoplanetsRiggs, A J Eldorado
2015Laboratory Study of the Equilibrium and Eruption of Line-Tied Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Solar CoronaMyers, Clayton
2015Long-term orbital evolution of planetary systems: stability, migration, and other fates.Petrovich Balbontin, Cristobal
2020Magnetic Field Generation and Reconnection in High Energy Density PlasmasMatteucci, Jackson
2016Magnetohydrodynamics of Accretion Disks in Cataclysmic VariablesJu, Wenhua
2018Measurement of the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background with the SPIDER InstrumentGambrel, Anne Elizabeth
2018Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy from the Atacama DesertChoi, Kang Hoon
2012Modeling Dust in the Interstellar MediumAniano Porcile, Gonzalo Jorge
2012Non-ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Effects in Protoplanetary DisksBai, Xuening
2020Non-linear Reduced-order Estimation and Control of Space-based CoronagraphsPogorelyuk, Leonid
2013Numerical Hydrodynamics in Strong-Field General RelativityEast, William Edward
2015On the Nature of Interstellar GrainsHensley, Brandon Scott
2020Open Cluster Variables: Evasive, Invaluable ProbesSoares, Melinda M
2011Particle Acceleration and Nonthermal Emission in Relativistic Astrophysical ShocksSironi, Lorenzo
2017Physics of Pulsar MagnetospheresPhilippov, Alexander
2018Plasma Physics in Strong Field RegimesShi, Yuan
2014Probing Early Universe Cosmologies With SPIDER and Planck HFIGudmundsson, Jon Emil
2011Probing Inflationary Cosmology: The Atacama B-Mode Search (ABS)Essinger-Hileman, Thomas