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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Political Disappointment: A Partial History of a FeelingMarcus, Sara
2017Pouring Eastward: Editing American Regionalism, 1890-1940Alvarado, Carolina
2022Religion at Time Inc.: From the Beginning of Time to the End of LifeConsenstein, Eden
2011Revolution's Afterlife: The Paris Commune in American Cultural Memory, 1871-1933Coghlan, J. Michelle
2021Securing the Crisis: Race and the Poetics of RiskChow, Janet
2013The Self Unenclosed: A New Literary History of Pragmatism, 1890-1940Reuland, John Thomas
2013Show and Tell: Representation, Communication, and the Still Lifes of William M. HarnettElder, Nicole
2013A Sort of Homecoming: The Gaithers and Southern Gospel Into The Twenty First CenturyHarper, Ryan Paul
2013Southern Strategies: The Politics of School Desegregation and the Nixon White HouseWeinryb Grohsgal, Dov
2023Splitting Sides: On Humor in Twenty-First Century American Evangelical MediaMatas, Caroline
2021The Art of Building Paradise: How a Catholic Community Experiences the Utopic in Everyday LifeCarey, Grace Anne
2019The Carceral Outside: How Privatized Land Produces Racialized Labor in an American Prison TownPearson, Heath
2016The Trauma Hero and the Lost War: World War II, American Literature, and the Politics of Trauma, 1945-1975Scranton, Roy William
2017Thoreau's Political Asceticism: from Abolitionism to Environmental JusticeBalthrop-Lewis, Kathleen Alda
2023Time's Blood: Love, Living Memory, and 19th Century U.S. FictionsNorton, Ingrid
2012Trading in Liberty: The politics of the American China trade, c. 1784-1862Norwood, Dael A.
2021William Rimmer: Teaching ArtPartman, Lucy