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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Air quality management in Bangalore, India: a preliminary assessmentHonaganahalli, Puttanna; Raju, K V
2000Conjunctive water management in BiharRaju, K V; Brewer, Jeffrey D
2008Emerging ground water crisis in urban areas : a case study of ward no.39, Bangalore cityRaju, K V; Manasi, S; Latha, Latha
2009Emerging trends in managing drinking water – case studies of coastal villages in KarnatakaManasi, S; Latha, N; Raju, K V
2006Financing rural drinking water supply : a case study of KarnatakaVeerashekharappa., Veerashekharappa.; Raju, K V; Manasi, S
2009Fisheries and livelihoods in Tungabhadra Basin, India :current status and future possibilitiesManasi, S; Latha, N; Raju, K V
2009Greenhouse gases emission and potential carbon sequestration: a case study of semi-arid area in South IndiaBabu, K Lenin; Raju, K V
2008Groundwater over-exploitation, costs and adoption measures in the central dry zone of KarnatakaAnantha, K H; Raju, K V
2007Increasing ground water dependency and declining water quality in urban water supply : a comparative analysis of four South Indian citiesRaju, K V; Latha, N; Manasi, S
2001Irrigation subsidies in Karnataka : a growing constraint for reformsRaju, K V; Amar Nath, H K
2002Monitoring poverty, and human development indicators : a frameworkR S Deshpande, R S; Raju, K V
2000Participatory irrigation management in Andhra Pradesh : promise, practice, and a way forwardRaju, K V