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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Banking sector reforms and NPA : a study of Indian commercial banksRajeev, Meenakshi; Mahesh, H P
2003Collusion in corrupt system : a Game theoretic approachRajeev, Meenakshi
2009A comparative analysis of efficiency and productivity of the Indian pharmaceutical firms : a malmquist-meta-frontier approachMazumdar, Mainak; Rajeev, Meenakshi
2006Contract Labour Act in India: A Pragmatic ViewRajeev, Meenakshi
2013Determinants of capital structure of Indian corporate sector : evidence of regulatory impactBasu, Kaushik; Rajeev, Meenakshi
2005Do macroeconomic conditions matter for agriculture? :the Indian experiencesBhide, Shashanka; Rajeev, Meenakshi; Vani, B P
2013Identifying credit constrained farmers : an alternative approachBhattacharjee, Manojit; Rajeev, Meenakshi
2008In pursuit of India's export earning advantage : an assessment of IT-enabled services industryRajeev, Meenakshi; Vani, B P
2014Is Access to Loan Adequate for Financing Capital Expenditure? A Household-Level Analysis on Some Selected States of IndiaBhattacharjee, Manojit; Rajeev, Meenakshi
2011Nature and dimensions of Farmers' indebtedness in India and KarnatakaRajeev, Meenakshi; Bhattacharjee, Manojit; Vani, B P
2009Output and input efficiency of manufacturing firms in India : a case of the Indian pharmaceutical sectorMazumdar, Mainak; Rajeev, Meenakshi; Ray, Subhash C
2004Performance of public enterprises in Karnataka: a panel data analysisRajeev, Meenakshi; Vani, B P
2004Reforms in state public enterprises in Karnataka : a reviewRajeev, Meenakshi
2011Repayment of short term loans in the formal credit market : the role of accessibility to credit from informal sourcesBhattacharjee, Manojit; Rajeev, Meenakshi
2008Rural infrastructure development fund : need for a track changeRajeev, Meenakshi