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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Alternative Work ArrangementsMas, Alexandre; Pallais, Amanda
1-Jul-2008Are Mixed Neighborhoods Always Unstable? Two-Sided and One-Sided TippingCard, David; Mas, Alexandre; Rothstein, Jesse
Nov-2014Do Credit Market Shocks affect the Real Economy? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Great Recession and ‘Normal’ Economic TimesGreenstone, Michael; Mas, Alexandre; Nguyen, Hoai-Luu
Jul-2021Do Firm Effects Drift? Workplace Heterogeneity and Wage Inequality in WashingtonLachowska, Marta; Mas, Alexandre; Saggio, Raffaele; Woodbury, Stephen A.
Nov-2019Does Disclosure affect CEO Pay Setting? Evidence from the Passage of the 1934 Securities and Exchange ActMas, Alexandre
Sep-2014Does Transparency Lead to Pay Compression?Mas, Alexandre
Jan-2015The Effect of Unemployment Benefits on the Duration of Unemployment Insurance Receipt: New Evidence from a Regression Kink Design in Missouri, 2003-2013Card, David; Johnston, Andrew; Leung, Pauline; Mas, Alexandre; Pei, Zhuan
Jan-2016Employment Effects of the ACA Medicaid ExpansionsLeung, Pauline; Mas, Alexandre
Aug-2014The Evolution of Rotation Group Bias: Will the Real Unemployment Rate Please Stand Up?Krueger, Alan; Mas, Alexandre; Niu, Xiaotong
1-Jan-2009Long-Run Impacts of Unions on Firms: New Evidence from Financial Markets, 1961-1999Mas, Alexandre; Lee, David S.
Nov-2019Pay Transparency and The Gender GapBaker, Michael; Halberstam, Yosh; Kroft, Kory; Mas, Alexandre; Messacar, Derek
Jan-2022Poor Performance as a Predictable Outcome: Financing the Administration of Unemployment InsuranceMas, Alexandre; Lachowska, Marta; Woodbury, Stephen A.
Jun-2015Potential Unemployment Insurance Duration and Labor Supply: The Individual and Market-Level Response to a Benefit CutJohnston, Andrew C.; Mas, Alexandre
Oct-2019Sources of Displaced Workers’ Long-Term Earnings LossesLachowska, Marta; Mas, Alexandre; Woodbury, Stephen A.
1-Jan-2002Strikes, Scabs and Tread Separations: Labor Strife and the Production of Defective Bridgestone/Firestone TiresKrueger, Alan B.; Mas, Alexandre
1-Oct-2006Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation in Neighborhoods and SchoolsMas, Alexandre; Card, David; Rothstein, Jesse
Oct-2006"Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation in Neighborhoods and Schools"Card, David; Mas, Alexandre; Rothstein, Jesse
Apr-2007"Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation"Card, David; Mas, Alexandre; Rothstein, Jesse
Sep-2016Valuing Alternative Work ArrangementsMas, Alexandre; Pallais, Amanda