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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2001Cost, Benefits and Distributional Consequences of Inmate LaborKrueger, Alan B.; Kling, Jeffrey R.
1-Jul-2004Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on the Mortality of Black Male Youth: Evidence From GautreauxKling, Jeffrey R.; Votruba, Mark E.
1-Mar-2004Experimental Analysis of Neighborhood Effects on YouthLiebman, B. Jeffrey; Kling, Jeffrey R.
1-Aug-2004Incarceration Length, Employment, and EarningsKling, Jeffrey R.
1-Jan-1999Interpreting Instrumental Variables Estimates of the Returns to SchoolingKrueger, Alan B.; Farber, Henry S.; Kling, Jeffrey R.
1-Mar-2006Is Crime Contagious?Ludwig, Jens; Kling, Jeffrey R.
1-Jan-2001The Labor Market Consequences of IncarcerationWestern, Bruce; Weiman, David; Kling, Jeffrey R.
1-Mar-2006Moving At-Risk Teenagers Out of High-Risk Neighborhoods: Why Girls Fare Better Than BoysClampet-Lundquist, Susan; Edin, Kathryn; Kling, Jeffrey R.; Duncan, Greg
1-Apr-2004Moving to Opportunity and Tranquility: Neighborhood Effects on Adult Economic Self-Sufficiency and Health From a Randomized Housing Voucher ExperimentKling, Jeffrey R.; Liebman, Jeffrey B.; Katz, Lawrence F.; Sanbonmatsu, Lisa
1-Aug-2004Neighborhoods and Academic Achievement: Results From The Moving to Opportunity ExperimentBrooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Duncan, J. Greg; Kling, Jeffrey R.; Sanbonmatsu, Lisa
Aug-2004"Neighborhoods and Academic Achievement: Results From the Moving to Opportunity Experiment"Sonbonmatsu, Lisa; Kling, Jeffrey R.; Duncan, Greg J.; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne
1-Jul-2004Prison-Based Education and Re-Entry into the Mainstream Labor MarketTyler, John H.; Kling, Jeffrey R.
1-Mar-2004Youth Criminal Behavior in the Moving to Opportunity ExperimentLudwig, Jens; Kling, Jeffrey R.; Katz, Lawrence