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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2016Compact and multi-view solid state neutral particle analyzer arrays on National Spherical Torus Experiment-UpgradeLiu, D.; Heidbrink, W.W.; Tritz, K.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Hao, G.Z.; Zhu, Y.B.
Nov-2017Density perturbation mode structure of high frequency compressional and global Alfvén eigenmodes in the National Spherical Torus Experiment using a novel reflectometer analysis techniqueCrocker, N.A.; Kubota, S.; Peebles, W.A.; Rhodes, T.L.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Belova, E.; Diallo, A.; LeBlanc, B.P.; Sabbagh, S.A.
Dec-2017ELM-free and inter-ELM divertor heat flux broadening induced by Edge Harmonics Oscillation in NSTXGan, K.; Ahn, J.-W.; Gray, T.K.; Zweben, S.J.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Scotti, F.; Maingi, R.; Park, J.-K.; Canal, G.P.; Soukhanovskii, V.A.; McLean, A.G.; Wirth, B.D.
Aug-2016Mitigation of Alfven activity by 3D magnetic perturbations on NSTXKramer, G.J; Bortolon, A.; Ferraro, N.M.; Spong, D.A.; Crocker, N.A.; Darrow, D.S.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Kubota, S.; Park, J.-K.; Podesta, M.; Heidbrink, W.W.
Apr-2017Nonlinear simulations of beam-driven Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes in NSTXBelova, E.V.; Gorelenkov, N.N.; Crocker, N.A.; Lestz, J.B.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Tang, S.; Tritz, K.
Jun-2017Suppression of Alfvén modes on NSTX-U with outboard beam injectionFredrickson, E.D.; Belova, E.V.; Battaglia, D.J.; Bell, R.E.; Crocker, N.A.; Darrow, D.S.; Diallo, A.; Gerhardt, S.P.; Gorelenkov, N.N.; LeBlanc, B.P.; Podesta, M.