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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-1990Negotiator Behavior and the Occurrence of DisputesCurrie, Janet; Ashenfelter, Orley
Jan-2023No-Poaching Agreements as Antitrust Violations: Animation Workers Antitrust LitigationAshenfelter, Orley; Gilgenbach, Ruth
1-Jan-1990Non-Parametric Estimates of the Labor Supply Effects of Negative Income Tax ProgramsAshenfelter, Orley; Plant, Mark W.
1-Jan-1974A Note on Estimating the Determinants of Changes in Wages and Earnings.Ashenfelter, Orley; Pencavel, John
1-May-1983The Pitfalls in Judging Arbitrator Impartiality by Win-Loss Tallies Under Final-Offer ArbitrationBloom, David; Ashenfelter, Orley
Jun-2023Public policy and labour market competitionAshenfelter, Orley
1-Mar-1971Racial Discrimination and Trade UnionismAshenfelter, Orley
1-Oct-1999A Review of Estimates of the Schooling/Earnings Relationship, with Tests for Publication BiasHarmon, Colm; Oosterbeek, Hessel; Ashenfelter, Orley
1-Nov-1998Schooling, Intelligence, and Income in America: Cracks in the Bell CurveRouse, Cecilia; Ashenfelter, Orley
1-Aug-1984Sex Discrimination and Market Concentration: The Case of the Banking IndustryAshenfelter, Orley; Hannan, Timothy
1-Sep-2009A Shred of Credible Evidence on the Long Run Elasticity of Labor SupplySchaller, Bruce; Doran, Kirk; Ashenfelter, Orley
1-Dec-1971Some Evidence on the Effect of Unionism on the Average Wage of Black Workers Relative to White Workers, 1900-1967Godwin, Lamond; Ashenfelter, Orley
1-Sep-2003Strategic Bargaining Behavior, Self-Serving Biases, and the Role of Expert Agents An Empirical Study of Final-Offer ArbitrationDahl, Gordon; Ashenfelter, Orley
1-Jun-1985Testing the Efficiency of Employment ContractsBrown, James N.; Ashenfelter, Orley
Sep-2017Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise SectorKrueger, Alan; Ashenfelter, Orley
1-Jun-1982Time Series Representation of Economic Variables and Alternative Models of the Labor MarketCard, David; Ashenfelter, Orley
1-Nov-1968Trade Unions and the Rate of Change of Money Wages in the U.S.Ashenfelter, Orley; Johnson, George E.; Pencavel, John
Aug-1991Twinsburg Twins Survey 1991: 91Questionnaire.PDFAshenfelter, Orley; Rouse, Cecilia E.
Aug-1992Twinsburg Twins Survey 1992: 92Questionnaire.PDFAshenfelter, Orley; Rouse, Cecilia E.
Aug-1995Twinsburg Twins Survey 1995: 95Questionnaire.PDFAshenfelter, Orley; Rouse, Cecilia E.