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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Days, ShyhemeAn Analysis of Voting For Stable Cryptocurrenciesvan Handel, Ramon
2015Aresti, CasildaAn Analysis of Zero-Sum Games on Networks with Voter Model Dynamicsvan Handel, Ramon
2014Hugessen, AdrianaCommunity Detection and Homophily in Music Sharing Online Social Networks: A Study of This Is My Jamvan Handel, Ramon
2017Hardy, NicoleA Comparison of Statistical Downscaling Methods for the Valdivian Region in Chilevan Handel, Ramon
2013Lam, Samantha Wen LiConstructing and Trading Sparse Mean-Reverting Portfoliosvan Handel, Ramon
2020Saunders, MarshallDangers of the Ocean: Forecasting Daily Beach Patrol Rescue Numbersvan Handel, Ramon
2012Manuelli, LucasDenoising Deterministic Time Services with Noise of Large or Unbound Support.van Handel, Ramon
2020Dong, Zhengyue AnnaAn Environmental Analysis of Irrigation with Optimization and Weather ForecastsCaudill, Reggie; van Handel, Ramon; Porporato, Amilcare
-Tong, XinFilter Stability in Infinite Dimensional Systemsvan Handel, Ramon
2012Kim, Steven SoojinFirst-Passage Percolation and Stochastic Growth on Intelligent Verticesvan Handel, Ramon
2016Bertasi, MeredithA Good-Turing Approach to Estimating the Probability of Extraterrestrial Lifevan Handel, Ramon
2011Cagli, SehnazInvestigation of Allee Effect in Stochastic SIS Epidemic Modelsvan Handel, Ramon
2016Myers, JordanKernel Support Vector Machine Learning of Limit Order Book Dynamics for Short Term Price Predictionvan Handel, Ramon
2010Tay, Kenneth JingyiMaximizing Expected Logarithmic Utility in a Regime-Switching Model with Inside Informationvan Handel, Ramon
2013Xu, YangboModeling Spikes, Heavy-Tails, and Volatility Clustering in Electricity by Applying a Stochastic Time-Change to the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processvan Handel, Ramon
-Rebeschini, PatrickNonlinear Filtering in High Dimensionvan Handel, Ramon
2014Khor, Kai ZongOn return probabilities of random walks on compactly generated locally compact groups of polynomial growthvan Handel, Ramon
2017Moskovits, JoshuaOn The Edge Of The Spectrum Of Sparse Rademacher Matricesvan Handel, Ramon
2019Yablonski, AlexPredicting Catastrophic Events: Flood Losses as Heavy Tailed Distributionsvan Handel, Ramon
2011Grabowski, Matthew BenjaminPricing Players: Valuing Major League Baseball’s Free Agents Using Auctiovan Handel, Ramon