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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Vill, Julia ByrnsAbortion as a "Medical Problem Broadly Defined": Grassroots Activist Beginnings and the Minnesota Story of the Pro-Life Movement, From Nineteenth Century State Anti-Abortion Legislation to 1980s Pro-Life National PoliticsYoung, Neil J.
2009Salciccioli, Maria ElyseAmerican Psychos, American Icons: Serial Killers in the American Consciousness Since 1950Young, Neil J.
2010Murley, Megan BurchfieldChurchill and Eisenhower: An Enduring Personal Relationship and Its Impact on Anglo-American RelationsYoung, Neil J.
2009Thomson, Ian MichaelCoeducating Race and Prestige: The Introduction of Blacks into the American Microcosm of Princeton UniversityYoung, Neil J.
2011Slavin, Nicholas ElliotComplex Creation: The Growth of the American Military-Industrial Relationship in the Nineteenth and Twentieth CenturiesYoung, Neil J.
2010Ethridge, Mark FurbeeCreating Carolina: The Lost Cause's Role in State Identity and White Unity after Reconstruction in North and South CarolinaYoung, Neil J.
2011Linz, Andrew DavidFrom Womb To Tomb: Right to Life from Karen Quinlan to Terri SchiavoYoung, Neil J.
2011Keady, Elizabeth QuinnMaking Waves in the Navy: Women's Quest for the Right to ParticipateYoung, Neil J.
2009Ensign, Lindsey AnnThe Message in the Music: Social Movements & Protest Songs of the 1960sYoung, Neil J.
2010Stevens, Cheryl SuzannePresidential Piety: A Look at the Role of Religion in the Presidencies of Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and G. W. BushYoung, Neil J.
2009Steele, Sarah PhoebeRonald Reagan and The Rhetorical Presidency: U.S.-Soviet Relations and the Iran-Contra AffairYoung, Neil J.
2011Bannon, John DavidThe Soul of the City: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Dallas City Development and the Trinity River from Dallas's Founding to the PresentYoung, Neil J.
2011Preyer, Parker JacobsTar Heel Troubles: The Question of Race and the Fate of the Southern Democratic Party Analyzed Through the Lens of North Carolina Politics, 1954-1968Young, Neil J.