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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Kellner, ShellerAbsence Breeding Autonomy: Incompetent Fathers and Their Unconventional Daughters in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and PersuasionWolfson, Susan
2015Ferrara, Jeanette S.“ALL IS MORTAL IN NATURE:” Authority of Self and the Environment in Screen Adaptations of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, The Tempest, and King LearWolfson, Susan
2012Chan, Eunice ShuningArtifice and Anarchy: Yeats's Aesthetics of the ApocalypseWolfson, Susan
1999Tannen, Emily Robin"As the Twig is Bent": New Possibilities for Young Adult Fiction for Girls in the Last Half-CenturyWolfson, Susan
1999Vermeychuk, Alexander Gregory" though speech/Were a still performance": Analysis of the Contemporary Poetic VoiceWolfson, Susan
1995Simmons, Shannon RichardsonAt the Edge of an African Dream: A Look at Ernest Hemingway's and Isak Dinesen's Gendered Visions of AfricaWolfson, Susan
1994Hoskin, LaKeith"Black" Othello: Shakespeare's Creation, Society's Misconception, or Does It Really Matter?Wolfson, Susan
2005McLean, RossBlake's Imaginative Struggle: Cre[m]ating Mind-Forg'd ManaclesWolfson, Susan
2002Ciklin, Michael E.Chasing Dalton TrumboWolfson, Susan
2007Czapka, David J.Coming and Going: The Interchangeability of Death and Sexuality in Gothic LiteratureWolfson, Susan
2007Tate, John ScottDefining "Don Juan": The Immortal Immoralist in the Classical TraditionWolfson, Susan
2019Barry, AnnabelFeverish Readings: Fever and the Mind-Body Relationship in English Letters & Literature, 1785-1872Wolfson, Susan
1998Yelverton, Mary-RushFrom Whence Nightmares Spring: The Pervasiveness of the Frankenstein MythWolfson, Susan
2020Cortes, RobertHazardous Romances of the Ideal: Coleridge, Shelley and PoeWolfson, Susan
1995Biddle, Benjamin WickThe Hunger of Humanity -- Bernard Shaw's Life ForceWolfson, Susan
2023Matos, AndrewThe Idle Singer of an Empty Day: The Fantastic and the Material in William Morris's The Earthly ParadiseWolfson, Susan
2016Noh, Eu NaImagination in a Catastrophic Time: Crisis and the Ethics of Representing TraumaWolfson, Susan
2012Oribhabor, Isedua Blessed'Introducing New Gods': Shelley's Search for the DivineWolfson, Susan
2002Kemper, Elizabeth ClaireIsn't It Ironic?Wolfson, Susan
2003Holmes, Nikola K.It's Only a Game? The Portrayal of Female Athletes in Literature From the Turn of the Eighteenth Century to TodayWolfson, Susan