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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2008Hansen, Clinton H.Comparison of MWC and Ising-type lattice model predictions for interactions among chemotaxis receptors in Escherichia coliWingreen, Ned
2019Liu, AndyComputational Modeling of an Associative Polymer Complex: the Effects of StoichiometryWingreen, Ned
2012Memet, EdvinEvolution along an ecological gradientWingreen, Ned
2010Gelbart, MichaelForaging Strategies for Dictyostelium discoideumWingreen, Ned
2016Kimchi, OferHow Does a 30S Ribosome Find Its Target on an mRNA?Wingreen, Ned
2009Furchtgott, LeonMaintenance Of Bacterial Cell Wall Organization During GrowthWingreen, Ned
2019Georges, GeorgeMicrobial Division of Labor: A Product-Inhibition Model for Cross-Feeding in Serial Batch CultureWingreen, Ned
2010Frenkel, EvgeniModeling Cytoskeletal Self-Organization in Fish MelanophoresWingreen, Ned
2006Kidd, PhilipModeling Escherichia coli Nitrogen MetabolismWingreen, Ned
2016Sharo, AndrewA New Agent-Based Model for Bacterial Biofilm GrowthWingreen, Ned
2012Mena, JoseOn the in silico Modeling and Evolution of Quorum Sensing NetworksWingreen, Ned
2021McEnany, JohnSmall RNAs and Genome Defense: Silencing and Licensing in the P Granules of C. elegansWingreen, Ned; Meir, Yigal
2015Jean-Baptiste, KenA Sub-OTU-Resolution Analysis of the Human MicrobiomeWingreen, Ned
2021Wilson, ConorUsing multicanonical Monte Carlo simulations to investigate the effect of polymer sequence on interfacial surface tension in a phase-separated systemWingreen, Ned