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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1997Holzer, Jessica M.The Art of Emil Carlsen: Mastery of the MundaneWilmerding, John
1995Warneck, Stephen C.Artists of the Sea The Parallel Development of the Marine Works of Herman Melville and Winslow HomerWilmerding, John
1995Rogers, John BurtonThe Arts of DiplomacyWilmerding, John
1999Quinn, Rose AnneBeyond the Visual: Actualization of Art Through the BodyWilmerding, John
2007Vollmond-Carstens, Lise E.Children as Representations of Vitality and Growth: The Youthful Images of Mary Stevenson Cassatt, William Merritt Chase and Clarence Hudson WhiteWilmerding, John
1999Smith, Elliott LandryClaes Oldenburg: Complexity and Continuity in PopWilmerding, John
2002Sanson, Christopher D.A conflict of interests: illustration and the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the turn of the 20th centuryWilmerding, John
2006Gliklich, BenjaminCourbet, Monet, Whistler: Trouville, 1865Wilmerding, John
2002Allard, HilaryDisplaying the contemporary dynamic between the city and the museumWilmerding, John
2000Nicholas, Alexandra"Dropping the Reserve:" Jasper Johns' Dialogue with his Modernist Past in Scent, Corpse and Mirror, and Weeping WomenWilmerding, John
2001Allison, Julia ElizabethEat This Thesis: Food Imagery in Pop ArtWilmerding, John
2004Smith, LuciaEvery Moment Worth Watching: A Study of Voyeurism in the Oil Paintings of Edward HopperWilmerding, John
1993Faber, Robin LeighFeminine Appeal and a Woman's Power: Isabella Stewart Gardner In the Eyes of John Singer Sargent and Anders ZornWilmerding, John
1995Rogers, Stephanie MariaThe Formation and Evolving Role of the European Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentWilmerding, John
1998Carry, Jessie VirginiaHonest Images: Early Twentieth Century Evolutions of Abraham Lincoln Painting and SculptureWilmerding, John
1999Epstein, Joshua KallmanThe Ideology of Aryan Art: Adolf Hitler and the Linz MuseumWilmerding, John
2001Forbes, Moira StevensonLilla Cabot Perry: An Under Appreciated American ArtistWilmerding, John
1997Felix, Todd HoffmanThe Monochrome ExperienceWilmerding, John
1997Dette, MichelleMount's Mistake: An Analysis of William Sidney Mount's 'Eel Spearing at Setauket' of 1845Wilmerding, John
2002Gold, AmyThe Power of Pop: Robert and Ethel Scull, and the Influence of Pop Art CollectingWilmerding, John