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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2013Gan, VictoriaTHE 1964-1965 NEW YORK WORLD’S FAIR: VISION OF THE PRESENTWilentz, R. Sean
2013Adegoroye, OlukemiAuthority in the Age of Laussat: A Study of Pierre-Clement de Laussat’s Term as French Colonial Prefect during the Louisiana PurchaseWilentz, R. Sean
2014Foster, ThatcherBanners, Volcanoes, Rain: Investigating the Decline of Landscape Art and the Hudson River Valley School in 19th Century AmericaWilentz, R. Sean
2002Greenberg, Elizabeth AlynBarely Remembered: A History of Princeton University Prank TraditionsWilentz, R. Sean
2002Stephens, Daniel MarkBeyond the Thaw: Robert Kennedy and a New American Foreign PolicyWilentz, R. Sean
1997Griffiths, Jason K.Blind Faith: The Catholic Church's Reaction the Molly MaguiresWilentz, R. Sean
1994Cotham, ChristopherCreationism and the Institute for Creation ResearchWilentz, R. Sean
1993Schragger, Stephanie A.Culture to the Masses: The Origins and Early Transformation of the Metrpolitan Museum of Art, 1869-1908Wilentz, R. Sean
2015Ford, Michael HarrisonThe Dominican Pipeline: Major League Baseball and the Dominican Republic since the 1960sWilentz, R. Sean
1997O'Quinn, Ryan D.Equal Representation in the House: A Legislative History of Proportional Representation Through the Apportionment Act of 1929Wilentz, R. Sean
1993Wong, BobsonThe Evolution of the Educational Thought of Woodrow Wilson, 1875-1910Wilentz, R. Sean
2002Fitz, Caitlin Annette"Impoverishing Her Soil, Corrupting Her Morals": Pragmatism and Principle in Tennessee's Antislavery Movement Before 1835Wilentz, R. Sean
1993Floyd, Amy E.In Defense of the Children: A History of Child Protection in the United StatesWilentz, R. Sean
2016O’Connor, Matthew G.One World Trade: The Port Authority and the 1993 Bombing at Manhattan’s Twin TowersWilentz, R. Sean
1994Jepsen, Michael W.Origins of A Catastrophe The Role of Congress in The Collapse of The Savings and Loan Industry: Legislative Failures From 1965 to 1987 that Caused and Prolonged the S & L Crisis of the 1980s and the American Taxpayer Bailout of the 1990sWilentz, R. Sean
1994Cyr, Kristopher B.The Paterson Silk Strike of 1913: The Influence of the PressWilentz, R. Sean
1993Gallagher, Gerald P.Pennsylvania Codification: A Study of Legal Reform in the Keystone StateWilentz, R. Sean
1997Ott, Julia C.Slavery, Sex, and Sorority: Frances Wright's Nashoba Experiment in TennesseeWilentz, R. Sean
2014De Palma, LolitaThe StalwartsWilentz, R. Sean