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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Wang, WeiAristotle on Unmoved Mover and its NecessityWildberg, Christian
2007Keegan, Kevin M.Augustine on EvilWildberg, Christian
1999Patterson, KevinThe Conception of God in Aristotle and AquinasWildberg, Christian
2002Harwell, Lane F.The Context of Visibility and the Site of Control: Seeing Plato’s RepublicWildberg, Christian
-White, Georgina FrancesCopia verborum: Cicero's Philosophical TranslationsBaraz, Yelena; Wildberg, Christian
2008Picone, Maria S.A Dark Matter: The Problem of Evil in Plotinus and ProclusWildberg, Christian
2015Gross, Calvin R.Death and Dying in Ancient Greek MedicineWildberg, Christian
2017Gold, SolveigDeus ex Machina: Saint Augustine's Life Upon the Wicked StageWildberg, Christian
-Sirois, MartinThe Early Cynic Tradition: Shaping Diogenes' CharacterWildberg, Christian
2012Yi, SeanAn Epicurean Investigation of the SwerveWildberg, Christian
1997Sherman, Alexander GailExposition and Inquiry: Dialectic in Plato's Later DialoguesWildberg, Christian
2002Rudolph, Kelli C.harmonie aphanes phaneres kreitton: Understanding in HeraclitusWildberg, Christian
2017Gianakon, SarahThe Hellenic Covenant: Heraclitus and Πίστις in Clement of AlexandriaWildberg, Christian
2014O'Neill, MollyHērάkleitos Pērὶ Politeίas: Rereading Heraclitus’ Philosophy in its Political ContextWildberg, Christian
2004Stahl, Jennifer LynneHierarchy of Reverences: Vyacheslav Ivanov as Poet, Philosopher, and Scholar of DionysusWildberg, Christian
2006Jaronowski, HenrykJustinian's Laws Against Heresy and The Closing of the School at AthensWildberg, Christian
-Hutchins, RichardLucretius Against Human ExceptionalismWildberg, Christian
-Hulme Kozey, Emily LuisePhilosophia and Philotechnia: The Techne Theme in the Platonic DialoguesWildberg, Christian
2010Barron, LucasPhilosophy As A Way Of Death Porphyry and the Strains of an Ancient DisciplineWildberg, Christian
-Miller, Thomas MarshallPlato's Doctrine of the Immortality of the SoulWildberg, Christian