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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1998Crick, Kindra Elizabeth DavisAll in the Timing: Late Even-skipped Activity and Segmental Patterning in DrosophiliaWieschaus, Eric
2008Ng, Shyh-ChangAn Analysis of Bicoid-dependent Hunchback Transcription as a Model for Interpreting Morphogen GradientsWieschaus, Eric
2008Unterman, Amy R.Cell Fate Specification and Cell Coordination in Cephalic Furrow Formation in DrosophilaWieschaus, Eric
1997Kim, Sue Y.Cephalic Furrow Formation and Screening for Eve-regulated Genes in Drosophila EmbryosWieschaus, Eric
2010Ngenzi, RobertCholelithiasis in the Developing WorldWieschaus, Eric
1995Bae, Jean YoungDNA Fingerprinting And Its Role In Today's SocietyWieschaus, Eric
2019Crapse, JosephDoes Animal Development Follow the Arrhenius Equation?Wuhr, Martin; Wieschaus, Eric
-Watson, ColinDynamics Of Early Zygotic Dosage Compensation and a Characterization of Spiroplasmas Role in Drosophila Male-KillingWieschaus, Eric
2014Wang, Cynthia B.Expression and Localization of Piwi-interacting RNAs in Drosophila During OogenesisWieschaus, Eric
2008Rudofsky, Gayle K.Intracellular Localization of Bearded-Family Proteins and Regulation of Delta Trafficking in the Early Drosophila EmbryoWieschaus, Eric
1996Andrews, JannaThe Introduction of Scientific Paper into the High School ClassroomWieschaus, Eric
2000Hafler, Brian PalmerAn Investigation into the Function of Genes in the Wingless Pathway in Drosophila melanogasterWieschaus, Eric
1995Clare, Kimberly AnnIs HIV the Cause of AIDS? An Analysis of Multifactorial Causation ModelsWieschaus, Eric
1999Guillaume, TennerIsolation & Characterization of Mutant S10 Alleles of the armadillo LocusWieschaus, Eric
2000Sun, Eric ChungIsolation and Characterization of Alleles Capable of Suppressing the Q8 Allele's Effects on Drosophila Photoreceptor DevelopmentWieschaus, Eric
2006Yu, Jessie Z.Maternal and Zygotic Gene Interactions During Early Embryogenesis: Drosophila Mesoectoderm Specification and Snail-dependent Modulation of NotchWieschaus, Eric
2013Pelham-Webb, BarbaraA Model for de novo Nucleolar Assembly during Drosophila melanogaster Embryogenesis and the Roles of pre-rRNA and RNA Polymerase IWieschaus, Eric
1998Chan, Amanda MagdaleneA Molecular Study of the Role of Folded Gastrulation in the Apical Constriction of Cells Undergoin Morphogenetic Movement during Drosophila GastrulationWieschaus, Eric
1996Kim, JasonMutations That Affect Cytoplasmic Clearing in Drosophila melanogaster EmbryosWieschaus, Eric
1995Salehizadeh, BijanParental Imprinting: Do the Genes Fit?Wieschaus, Eric