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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2017Sichel, RebeccaAlternative Methods for Avalanche Search and RescueWentzlaff, David
-Fu, YaoshengArchitectural Support for Large-scale Shared Memory SystemsWentzlaff, David
2017Joshi, ShreyesAutonomous Quadcopter Navigation of Trails Using Convolutional Neural NetworksWentzlaff, David
2018Po, VincentAutonomous Quadcopter Teams in Search and Rescue ApplicationsWentzlaff, David
2018Lim, KatieBuilding and Evaluating a Heterogeneous ISA Multiprocessor System Utilizing the OpenPiton FrameworkWentzlaff, David
-McKeown, Michael PatrickCharacterizing and Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Manycore Processors for Data Center ApplicationsWentzlaff, David
-Zhou, YanqiConfigurable Architecture and Resource Provisioning for Future CloudsWentzlaff, David
2015de Groot, PeterData Center Instrumentation ProjectWentzlaff, David
2014Payne, SamuelDesign of a Scalable Memory System for a Multi-Node, Many-Core Computing SystemWentzlaff, David
2015Fisher, GlennDesigning an Autonomous Drone to Locate Avalanche VictimsWentzlaff, David
2017Chow, HaleyDeveloping an Improved Graphic User Interface for Avalanche TransceiversWentzlaff, David
-Nguyen, Tri MinhExploring Data Compression and Random-Access Reduction to Mitigate the Bandwidth Wall for Manycore ArchitecturesWentzlaff, David
2016Matl, MatthewLinux Support for Memory Traffic ShapingWentzlaff, David
2019Nicholas, MatthewMethods for Snowpack Data Acquisition and CharacterizationWentzlaff, David
2015Himelman, AaronAn Operating System for Clumpy Shared MemoryWentzlaff, David
-Fuchs, AdiOvercoming the Limitations of Accelerator-Centric Architectures with Memoization-Driven SpecializationWentzlaff, David
2013Mahmoud, AbdulrahmanParallel Architecture Optimization for Threaded ApplicationsWentzlaff, David
2013Batchelder, RachaelPower Modeling of Microprocessors via Emulation on a Field Programmable Gate ArrayWentzlaff, David
2016Liang, XiaohuaA Reconfigurable Interconnect Network for a Piton Multi-chip SystemWentzlaff, David
-Shahrad, MohammadResource-Efficient Management of Large-Scale Public Cloud SystemsWentzlaff, David