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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2017Snider, BradleyAn Analysis of Equilibria in Poker Tournaments with BountiesWang, Mengdi
2015Casper, MichaelAn Analysis of League of Legends: eSports as a Marketing StrategyWang, Mengdi
2019Haile, ElizabethApplications of Statistical Learning to Identify Risk Factors in Student Loan Default and RepaymentWang, Mengdi
2017Luo, RellieBreaking Down Healthcare: Applications of Clustering and Markov Chains for Medical Claims DataWang, Mengdi
2019Hayek, VictoireBursting the Bubble: An Analysis of Bitcoin's Peak PricesWang, Mengdi
2019Joshi, PrachiA Comparison of Clustering Algorithms in the Study of Hate Crime and Discrimination in IndiaWang, Mengdi
2018Yin, JenniferCounting Stars: A Pipeline for Amazon Consumer and Product Analytics with Case Studies in Discretionary ProductsWang, Mengdi
2016Jablonski, JohnCreating a Competitive Multiplayer Pokerbot Using Strategy Stitching and Online LearningWang, Mengdi
2015Simms, KevinEstimating the Size of Hidden Populations: A Comparison of Four Modern MethodsWang, Mengdi
2016Lu, Frances RoseIdentifying Risk Factors and Cost Anomalies in Healthcare Spending Using Medicare Claims DataWang, Mengdi
2017Zou, JoyThe Israeli Kibbutz: A Simulation and Analysis on the Optimality of Privatization versus Degrees of Central PlanningWang, Mengdi
2018Mathews, SimranLeave Me a Loan: Machine Learning Strategies for Loan Portfolio ManagementWang, Mengdi
2015Pal, SatyajeetLoan Default Prediction: Classifying Clients using Risk-Sensitive LearningWang, Mengdi
-Lu, HaoMachine Learning for Decision Making: Applications to Off-Policy Learning and Combinatorial OptimizationWang, Mengdi
2018Ni, JuliaMaking Lemonade Out Of LIME: A Comparative Analysis Of Interpretable Machine Learning MethodsWang, Mengdi
2017Wolfson, BenMicrofinance and Machine Learning: A Study of Loan Classification and Risk ManagementWang, Mengdi
2022Ye, NaimengModel-Misspecified Offline Reinforcement LearningWang, Mengdi
-Cho, Woon SangMulti-Source Text Generation and Beyond using Reinforcement LearningWang, Mengdi
2016Zhan, BarbaraMulti-State Markov Chain Modeling of Health Insurance Claims and Cost PredictionWang, Mengdi
-Chen, YichenOn the Complexity of Markov Decision ProblemsWang, Mengdi