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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2002Wu, PaeAcrylic Elastomer Rolled ActuatorsWagner, Sigurd
2003Carlson, EricAFM Images of Nanocrystalline Germanium Thin FilmsWagner, Sigurd
2008Hu, Irene H.Application of Stretchable Mircroelectrode Arrays to Spinal Cord Injury StudiesWagner, Sigurd
2003Johnson, ToddAn Attempt to Construct the First All Nanocrystalline Germanium (nc-Ge:H) p-I-n Solar CellWagner, Sigurd
1999Ramon, MichaelCharacterization and Modeling of Amorphous Silicon PhotodetectorsWagner, Sigurd
2001Wang, Bernard Y.; Wang, Bernard Y.Computer-based Control and Measurement of Microheater ArraysWagner, Sigurd
2007Murakami, Hajime K.Cyclic Mechanical Strain Effects on Thin Film Transistors on KaptonWagner, Sigurd
2001Chen, SteveDescription and Analysis of a Simple Passive RFID SystemWagner, Sigurd
2010Munhutu, AuxiliaThe Effect of Topography on Myotube Fusion and IndependenceWagner, Sigurd
1999Barriac, GwendolynThe Effects of Line Tension on the Minimum Radius of a Sessile DropletWagner, Sigurd
2006Hopp, Wayne, IIIThe Effects of Mechanical Strain on the Electrical Properties of Thin-Film TransistorsWagner, Sigurd
2001Tam, WaineElectrical Characteristics of TFT's on Plastic Substrates Under StrainWagner, Sigurd
2003Chi, Suberr LiuElectro-Mechanical Properties of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Films on Plastic Foil Coated with a Multi-Layer Vapor BarrierWagner, Sigurd
2006Brielmaier, BenjaminElectromechanical Test Equipment for Elastomeric Electronic SurfacesWagner, Sigurd
-Lalgudi Visweswaran, BhadrinarayanaEncapsulation of Organic Light Emitting DiodesWagner, Sigurd; Sturm, James
-Chin, Huai-AnEnergy Conversion via Ferroic Materials: Materials, Mechanisms, and ApplicationsMcAlpine, Michael; Wagner, Sigurd
-Cao, WenzheFabrication and modeling of stretchable conductors for traumatic brain injury researchWagner, Sigurd
2003Crnogorac, FilipFabrication of Multiple Layer Resistor Arrays for Microfluidic ApplicationsWagner, Sigurd
1993Chang, LukeHydrogen Evolution from Hydrogenated Amorphous SiliconWagner, Sigurd
1993Rim, KernIndependent Project Progress ReportWagner, Sigurd