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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2009Tzeng, Stephanie C.Agent-Based Computational Economics and the Banking SectorVanderbei, Robert
2011Anastasi, Caroline ElizabethAn Analysis of a Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drinks Through an Examination of the Differential Response to PriceVanderbei, Robert
2011Ren, Kexing ChristinaAn Analysis of Wireless Telecommunication Churn Rates Using Data Mining MethodsVanderbei, Robert
2013Germain, SarahAnalyzing and Presenting Modern Temperature TrendsVanderbei, Robert
2016King, VeenuARIMA, ARIMAX, or Univariate Linear Model? Modeling Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies' Affect on California's Crop ProductionVanderbei, Robert
2000O'Malley, DanielBandwith Allocation in Packet Networks Using Class and Delay Based QueueingVanderbei, Robert
2002Hutchinson, AndrewBaseball Pitching Strategies Using Stochastic OptimizationVanderbei, Robert
2000Bowman, EricaThe Benefits of Various Objective Functions Associated with the Linearized Optimal Power Flow ProblemVanderbei, Robert
2001Amaruchkul, KannaphaCase Study in Bang-Off-Bang Control: Alternative Approach via Nonlinear OptimizationVanderbei, Robert
2019Weissmann, JoshuaContrast Dyes and Cancer Maps: Approaches to Image Registration with Appearance Changes in Breast CT ScansVanderbei, Robert
2015Sharma, VarunDark Ages for the Golden Arches A Predictive Analysis of McDonald’s Corporation’s Global Growth Through Newly Accessed MarketsVanderbei, Robert
2018Kiles, AugustDeep Coaching: A Deep Learning Approach for Human Action Recognition in Photos and Videos of Athletic MotionsVanderbei, Robert
2000Kimber, Ryan; Schweikert, Alexander; Walmsley, LawrenceDesign of an Optimization-Based Graphic EqualizerVanderbei, Robert
2021Wang, EileenDiagnosing Racial Bias in Machine Learning: An Examination of Fairness in Medical Appointment Scheduling Optimization ModelsVanderbei, Robert
2019Campeau, MichelleEating Clean: Using Nutrition, Environmental Sustainability, and Personal Preference to Create an Ideal Diet PlanVanderbei, Robert
2018Manoloff, AlexEffective & Effectively Trading Information: Exploring the Extent to Which Continuing Disclosures Affect the Secondary Market for Municipal SecuritiesVanderbei, Robert
2012Xia, Mark TengEstablishing Practical Diets that Meet USDA and IOM Dietary Guidelines Using Mixed-Integer Linear ProgrammingVanderbei, Robert
2015Samuels, JoshuaExploring New Worlds: Simulating Coronagraph Data for Exoplanet DetectionVanderbei, Robert
2013Chang, IrisFace Detection, Tracking Methods, and Image Processing: A MATLAB ApproachVanderbei, Robert
2001Korpita, Dylan E.The Future of the Strategic Petroleum ReserveVanderbei, Robert