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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Britt, Neil CameronActuated Acoustic Instruments: Relationships and Mind-sets with "Fill Up Jar" and "Ctenophora" (original music compositions)Trueman, Daniel
2004Iglesia, DanielBendeve's Advance: Composition for String Quartet, Tape, and NarratorTrueman, Daniel
-Socolofsky, Annika KBreaking the bel canto - straight tone false dichotomy: What composers have to learn from Dolly PartonTrueman, Daniel
-Marble, Matthew ElliottBuddhist Bubblegum: Esoteric Buddhism in the Creative Process of Arthur RussellTrueman, Daniel; Tymoczko, Dmitri
2014Tawengwa, Tanyaradzwa A.The Dawn of the Rooster A Choral DramaTrueman, Daniel
2015Whitaker, EmilyDing! A Musical Experience The CompanionTrueman, Daniel
-Ergun, CenkFLUX AND STASIS IN THE MUSIC OF FELDMAN, RADIGUE, & YOUNGTrueman, Daniel; Tymoczko, Dmitri
-de Lautour, ReubenHistories of the Invisible: Technology Discourses in the Age of PhonographyLansky, Paul; Trueman, Daniel
2009Hammond, Michael W.LiLo: A Live Looping Musical Interface and Inlayers: A Composition using LiLo for the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, So Percussion, Matmos, and Electric GuitarTrueman, Daniel
2008Fontein, JohnMooDi: A Musical Object Oriented Drawing Interface for Laptop Performance --and-- Etch-a-PLOrk: A composition using MooDi for the PLOrk EnsembleTrueman, Daniel
-Narveson, Jascha WallaceNetworked Computer MusicTrueman, Daniel
2008Lee, YuhwonPestilence for Flute/Piccolo, Piano and CelloTrueman, Daniel
-Kaczmarek, Konrad EricPlaying With Time: Interacting with Timed Musical MachinesTrueman, Daniel
2013Gustafson, PeterShindig: Or, Hopefully, an Enjoyable Experience to be Shared by People Gathered Together. For Feedback Trombone, Musicians, Audience, and Found RecordingsTrueman, Daniel
-Mazzariello, AndreaThe Sonic Object: Music In/As Material with "The Exchange" (Original Music Composition)Trueman, Daniel
2003Freeman, NathanielStudies in Composition for the Theatre: Travesties: The Original Piano Score and Musical Selections From Galois, A Proposed New MusicalTrueman, Daniel
2014McCarty, Ryan W.Sweetbriar for Five Voices and PercussionTrueman, Daniel
-Molk, DavidWhat to Expect: Classical and Ambient Collisions Within This Binary UniverseTrueman, Daniel
2020Berman, EliXibuccal Instruments: Designing Expanded and Interconnected Vocal TractsTrueman, Daniel