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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Ryan, Christine WhitneyAddressing AIDS: An Investigation of the American Media's Response to the Epidemic, 1981-1983Tritter, Thorin R.
2004Thong, Alan Eih ChihAdvertising the Modern Corporation Through the Skyscraper: The Corporate Appropriation of Architecture in the Woolworth and Chrysler BuildingsTritter, Thorin R.
2003Assini, Andrew DunbarClash for Control of Education: Chambersburg and African American Interests in Integration During the 1960s and 1970sTritter, Thorin R.
2007Biles, Michael J.Crisis Management: An Analysis of the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban Missile CrisisTritter, Thorin R.
2003Hubner, Mary ElizabethThe Federal Writers' Project: The Role of the Media in Shaping the History of the New Deal Program for WritersTritter, Thorin R.
2005Cheek, Christopher EdwardForgotten Front: The Nazi U-boat Attack in American WatersTritter, Thorin R.
2007Shields, Brian P.From the Black Sox to the Backboards: How Gamblers Corrupted Another Sport 30 Years After the Black Sox ScandalTritter, Thorin R.
2004Nichols, Lauren LeeA House Divided: Progressivism and Fundamentalism in American Politics, 1915-1925Tritter, Thorin R.
2003Tursi, Joseph VincentHow Lyndon Johnson's Recalcitrance Lost the War in Vietnam, but Won His War for a Great Society at Home, and America's Response to BothTritter, Thorin R.
2005Kim, Jin YoungInstitutionalizing Democracy in the Form of Public Recreation: Central Park From 1850-1880Tritter, Thorin R.
2006Young, BenA Magnificent Obsession and an Impossible Dream: George McGovern and the Electoral Politics of 1968Tritter, Thorin R.
2003Beaney, William TrevorA "Noble Experiment": Jackie Robinson and the Integration of BaseballTritter, Thorin R.
2007Corkhill, Raphael D.E.Paradise Found? Influences of the United States of America on Settler-Aborigine Divisions in Nineteenth Century LiberiaTritter, Thorin R.
2002Epstein, Julie E.The Presence and Principles of the Motion Picture Production CodeTritter, Thorin R.
2004Morrison, Blair WilliamProfessional Cruelty: The Corporate Mentality of 19th Century Slave TradingTritter, Thorin R.
2006Senger, Molly TrustmanRefining the Kennan Corollary: George F. Kennan and the Coming of the Cold War to Latin AmericaTritter, Thorin R.
2002Grossman, Benjamin IsaacThrow Back: An Exploration of Anti-Modernism in the Writings of Grantland RiceTritter, Thorin R.
2005Fay, JacobUproar in New York City: Draft Riots and the Peace Democracy, 1863Tritter, Thorin R.
2002Casperite, Ann-Marie"Walt Disney, You Ought to be Ashamed": An Analysis of the 1941 Disney StrikeTritter, Thorin R.