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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2017Park, StaceyAlarmed or Aware? - The Effects of Black Student Collegiate Protests on Implicit Racial AttitudesTodorov, Alexander T.
2017Buck, ElinorBooks Judged by their Covers: Revealing the Hidden Gender Biases in Impressions of CompetenceTodorov, Alexander T.
2005Minor, Brooke C.Coloring the Candidate: The Effect of Skin Tone and Political Affiliation on Perceptions of African-American Political ContendersTodorov, Alexander T.
2004Gerbasi, Margaret E.Context as Consensus: Objective Judgment as a Mediator of Contextual Influence on Subjective JudgmentsTodorov, Alexander T.
2007Willsie, Adriana C.The Face of Similarity: The Role of Perceived Facial Self-Resemblance in Judgments of Trustworthiness, Attractiveness and AggressivenessTodorov, Alexander T.
2004Schaeffer, Kelly CronanJudging Faces: The Effect of Status Cues and Other Considerations in Facial PerceptionTodorov, Alexander T.
2003Ariss, Lynn M.The Less is More Effect: The Counterintuitive Phenomenon in the Prediction of Uncertain EventsTodorov, Alexander T.
2009Lopez, Richard BrianNeural Correlates of Attributional and Associative ProcessesTodorov, Alexander T.
2008Jakubek, Anna MariaPredicting a Best Seller: Nobody Knows Anything...But Formulas DoTodorov, Alexander T.
2003Sherwin, Kelly B.Priming Perception: Exploring the Effects of Context on Current Attitudes Toward the Global AIDS EpidemicTodorov, Alexander T.
2006Ballew, Charles C., IIThe Quarter-Second Election: Predicting Gubernatorial Race Outcomes from Fast Inferences of CompetenceTodorov, Alexander T.
2005Willis, Janine D.Trait Attribution: Judgments, Attachment Speed and Confidence Ratings as a Function of Exposure TimeTodorov, Alexander T.