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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2013Batel, SamanthaADMIT OR DENY: The Perception of Race in Higher Education AdmissionsTodorov, Alexander
2008Sachs, SavannahAppearance and Criminality: Automatic Trait Inferences Based on Facial Appearance Can Potentially Influence Criminal Sentencing DecisionsTodorov, Alexander
2019Wedel, NicoleApproach Not Avoid: Validation of Data-Driven Computational Models of Trustworthiness Unconfounded by AttractivenessTodorov, Alexander
2018Herman, LauraThe Art of Seeing: How Does Artistic Visual Experience Modulate Perceptual Reorganization Abilities?Todorov, Alexander
-Hansen, Katherine ElizabethThe Bias Blind Spot and Making Objective Decisions Despite ItPronin, Emily; Todorov, Alexander
2006Bhanot, Syon PandyaBreaking the Habit: Diagnosing Torture in Liberal StatesTodorov, Alexander
-Roek, Aaron KurosuCommonsense AestheticsTodorov, Alexander
2019Griffiths, TyishaDressed to Impress: Shifting the Perceivable Competence and Threat Evaluations of African American MenTodorov, Alexander
2015Strauss, AlexandroEffect of Face Perception on Attitudes Towards Story CharactersTodorov, Alexander
2020Lu, SerenaEffect of Perceptions of Facial Maturity on Juror Decision-Making in Juvenile Transfer OutcomesTodorov, Alexander
2014Goetz, AlexanderFacial Perception in Major League Baseball: Evaluations of Future Career Success on the Basis of Subconscious Facial PerceptionTodorov, Alexander
-OH, DONGWONGender Biases in Facial ImpressionsTodorov, Alexander
2018Tegopoulou, AriadniThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly: An Investigation of Trait Anxiety Factors in the Perceptual Discrimination of Faces with Negative Social ReputationTodorov, Alexander
2015Crowe, ElizabethHow Much is Too Much? An Investigation of General Popularity, Reference Group Identities, and Their Influence on Purchasing BehaviorTodorov, Alexander
2012Tay, BryanMaking Decisions About Faces: The Effect of Psychological Distance on Facial PerceptionTodorov, Alexander
2014Fourie, EmilyModeling the Mental Representation of Facial Expression Using Reverse Correlation: A Study into the Role of the Basolateral Amygdala and the Sensory Regulation Function of EmotionTodorov, Alexander
-Verosky, SaraMore than a face: Interactions between visual and non-visual social knowledgeTodorov, Alexander
2020Ebel, MacKenzieMore than the X’s and O’s: Understanding the Coach-Athlete Relationship Through Evaluations of Interdependence and Satisfaction at Princeton UniversityTodorov, Alexander
2015Grant-Villegas, NatalieThe Role of Personality Preference and Perceptions in Explaining Female Attraction to Feminine Shape and Masculine Reflectance in Male FacesTodorov, Alexander
2014Wolfe, JohnThe Secret Agent Effect: A self-serving discrepancy in estimates of covert peer-to-peer learningTodorov, Alexander