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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1997De Guzman, Rafael M.The Angolian National Movement (1948-1961) The Role of the Angolian IntellectualTignor, Robert L.
2003DuRocher, Mark BradleyCalculation and Compromise: Franklin D. Roosevelt's InternationalismTignor, Robert L.
1997Johnson, Joi A.Can Coexistence Head to Collaboration?: The Persistence of Samburu, Luo and Luyia Traditional Healing in Light of Western Influence (1895-1997)Tignor, Robert L.
1993Mallette, ChristopherThe Federal Bureau of Investigation's Secret War against the Black Panther PartyTignor, Robert L.
1997Krishnamurthy, MallikaIndian Women in South Africa: The Search for EmpowermentTignor, Robert L.
2003Ellison, William DeLoacheLikely Stories: The Swahili Western HistoriographyTignor, Robert L.
1993Thorp, Kristy M.The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Education Reforms in Philadelphia Public Schools, 1960 to the PresentTignor, Robert L.
2006Harris, Emily RoseRepresenting South Africa: National Geographic Magazine's Cultural and Political Transformation Since 1888Tignor, Robert L.
1993Mecray, Christopher HowlandThe Revocation of the Palestine Mandate: Ernest Bevin and the Failure of British Postwar Diplomacy, 1945-1947Tignor, Robert L.
1997Johnson, Sydney A."Uhuru" in the Classroom: The Role of the Kikuyu Independent Schools Movement in Fostering Nationalist Responses to British Colonialism in KenyaTignor, Robert L.
1997Shimamoto, Stanley A.Undermining Apartheid: The Role of the Press in the Fall of Africaner HegemonyTignor, Robert L.