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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Knutsen, Elizabeth LouiseAfrican Neo-Pentecostals and Spiritual Warfare in New York CityTeiser, Stephen F.
2009Poole, Kate AnnaThe Asoke Group: A Modern Thai Buddhism Rethinking Religion and EconomicsTeiser, Stephen F.
2016Bersani, IsabellaTHE CHINESE MADONNA: Syncretism of Madonna and Guanyin in Late Imperial Chinese ArtTeiser, Stephen F.
2015Kim, Michelle KiyeonCreating an Oriental Christ: Contextual Theology in Endo Shusaku’s Major Literary WorksTeiser, Stephen F.
1998Smith, Hilary AllisonDefining the "Guest People": Ethnic Identity and the Historiography of the HakkasTeiser, Stephen F.
2007DeBenedetto, Cassandra L.Encountering Christianity: the continuity and change of Catholic identity in ChinaTeiser, Stephen F.
2006Hong, JenniferThe Enlightenment of Science: The Science of Enlightenment: Buddhism, Neuroscience and Politics IntersectTeiser, Stephen F.
2006Heckscher, Alexander A.From all Tribes and Nations: Chinese Conversion to Evangelical Christianity in AmericaTeiser, Stephen F.
2011Chan, FionaHong Kong 1841-1945: The Mistake Child of Qing China and Imperial Britain. A Study of Missionary History in the British ColonyTeiser, Stephen F.
2000Doody III, Edmund GordanHumanae Vitae: The Conception and Inherent Flaws in Catholic Birth Control DoctrineTeiser, Stephen F.
2011Lau, Qin ZhiIdentity and Ideology: Religion and Ethnicity in State Formation during the Northern DynastiesTeiser, Stephen F.
1995Hinckley, KatherineLandscaping Isolation: The Geography of Purity in Two Mennonite Colonies in Central AmericaTeiser, Stephen F.
2005Laporte, TimothyThe Liberated "Eye:" Exploring the Conditions of Female Subjectivity and Agency in the TherīgāthāTeiser, Stephen F.
2012Reveley, Helen LanierLoss, Journey, and Identity in Three Chinese and American Modern NovelsTeiser, Stephen F.
1993Abramson, JeffreyMajor League Baseball as Ritual: A Study and Elaboration of Ritual TheoryTeiser, Stephen F.
1992Conaty, ShannonOf Dichotomy and Dogma, Liang Ch'i-ch'ao and Hu Shih: The Significance of the Views of Two Intellectuals on the Issue of Religion in ChinaTeiser, Stephen F.
1993Stewart, Sean ChristopherOn Emptiness: Towards Truth and EthicsTeiser, Stephen F.
2004Cruz, Joanna MariaPoliticizing the Dharma Bums: Mainstream and Intellectual Receptions of Beat ReligiosityTeiser, Stephen F.
2017Dhanani, HafizPrimordialist Spiritual Teachers In AmericaTeiser, Stephen F.