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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Truong, Linh MyApplications of Heegaard Floer Homology to Knot ConcordanceOzsvath, Peter; Szabo, Zoltan
2023Isaac, JackApplications of the Jones PolynomialSzabo, Zoltan
-Zhan, BohuaCombinatorial Methods in Bordered Heegaard Floer HomologySzabo, Zoltan
-Manion, AndrewConstructions and Computations in Khovanov HomologySzabo, Zoltan
2022Varvarezos, KonstantinosCosmetic Surgeries on Knots and 3-Manifold InvariantsSzabo, Zoltan
2024Stewart, LucaThe Crossing Number of Composite KnotsSzabo, Zoltan
2024Furia, FreddieDeep Connections Between Knot Theory and Graphs Embedded in SpaceSzabo, Zoltan
2018Tavakalov, SurenFDI Flows During Economic CrisesSzabo, Zoltan; Kiyotaki, Nobuhiro
-Lewallen, Sam JayFloergÄsbordSzabo, Zoltan
-Racz, Bela AndrasGeometry of (1,1)-Knots and Knot Floer HomologySzabo, Zoltan
-Seed, CottonHigher Differentials on Khovanov HomologySzabo, Zoltan
-Dai, IrvingInvolutive Heegaard Floer Homology and Homology CobordismSzabo, Zoltan
2018Hickok, AbigailKhovanov Homology and MutationOzsvath, Peter; Szabo, Zoltan
2012Samorajski, JonathanKhovanov Homology and the Jones PolynomialSzabo, Zoltan
-Dowlin, Nathan P.Khovanov-Rozansky Complexes in the Knot Floer Cube of ResolutionsSzabo, Zoltan
2023Ballinger, WilliamKnot concordance and matrix factorizationsSzabo, Zoltan
2002Lipshitz, RobertThe Minimal Genus Problem for 3- and 4-ManifoldsSzabo, Zoltan
1999Horan, Sean MichaelMorse Theory and Heegaard Splittings of 3-ManifoldsSzabo, Zoltan
2023Ivshina, KatyaOn slice knots and patterns in knot homologySzabo, Zoltan