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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2000Tan, Judy2-D Stability Analysis of Gas-Particle Flow in RisersSundaresan, Sankaran
1993Madill, Lori AnnAlkylation of Isobutane and 2-Butene over Zeolitic Solid Acid CatalystsSundaresan, Sankaran
1996Matheu, David M.Alkylation of Isobutane with Trans-2-butene Over Nafion/SiO2 and Sulfated ZirconiaSundaresan, Sankaran
2010Slakman, Belinda LeighAn Alternative Method for Propylene‚ÄźPropane Separation: Simulation and ModelingSundaresan, Sankaran
-Gu, YileAnalysis of gas-particle flows through multi-scale simulationsSundaresan, Sankaran
2019Sinha, RohanBifurcation Analysis of the 1D and 2D Cahn-Hilliard EquationsSundaresan, Sankaran
2018Nwogbaga, IfunanyaCharacterizing Triboelectrification Size Effects Amongst Insulating MaterialsSundaresan, Sankaran
2019Aifuwa, EseiwiCO2 Dissolution in MethylpiperazineSundaresan, Sankaran
2005Kelly, PaulComputational Analysis of Fluid-Particle and Particle-Particle Interactions for an Inhomogeneous Flow for Fluid-Particle Mixtures in the Presence of Rapid Particle Assembly Compaction and DilationSundaresan, Sankaran
2019Shen, CharlieComputational Modeling of Triboelectric Charge Mobility and TransferSundaresan, Sankaran
-Chialvo, SebastianConstitutive model development for flows of granular materialsSundaresan, Sankaran
-Holloway, William ShaneContinuum modeling of gas-particle flows across multiple scalesSundaresan, Sankaran
2012Sawadogo, Jordan Jacobsen WentareCyclopentane Hydrate Based DesalinationSundaresan, Sankaran
-Cai, LichaoDesalination Via Formation Of Binary Clathrate HydratesSundaresan, Sankaran; Debenedetti, Pablo G
2014Luo, Peter YuchenDesign of a Vanadium Redox Flow BatterySundaresan, Sankaran; Benziger, Jay Burton
2010Liu, Peter RichardDeveloping Filtered Two-Fluid Models for Reacting Gas-Particle Suspension from Two-Dimensional Simulations of a Riser ReactorSundaresan, Sankaran
1993Reece, Germaine L.The Effect of Drying Conditions on the Crystallization Behavior and Surface Area of Aluminosilicate GelsSundaresan, Sankaran
2019Catalan, ChrisEffects of Gaseous Atmosphere and Container Composition on Tribo-charging of Packed BedsSundaresan, Sankaran; Yao, Nan
-Rubinstein, Gregory JacobEffects of particle inertia and flow structure inhomogeneities on the micro-scale fluid-particle drag forceSundaresan, Sankaran
2009Colosimo, John MatthewEvaluation of the relative effects of dissolved oxygen and inorganic carbon on the growth rate of the green microalgae Tetraselmis suecicaSundaresan, Sankaran