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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2022Liang, WeibinBiological Cell Preparation and On-Chip Particle Sorting Systems at High Flow RateSturm, James
2016Danielczuk, MichaelCreating a Flat Flexible Microphone ArraySturm, James
2021Shi, RobertDesign and Fabrication of a Linear-To-Angular-Displacement-Device (LADD)-based Robotic Limb and Accompanying Transmission SystemSturm, James
1992Rim, KernDesign and Performance Estimation of RT CVD Grown SESA Si-Ge HBTSturm, James
1998Lanford, William; Lanford, WilliamDesign, Fabrication, and Analysis of Integrated Circuits Utilizing Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors on Steel Foil SubstratesSturm, James
2018Kolstad, AnnaDeveloping a thin-film multielectrode array system for neuron sensing in three-dimensionsSturm, James
1994Cullen, Charles W.Double-Pass, Infrared Absorption for Temperature Measurement of Silicon Wafers with Blanket Metal CoverageSturm, James
-Lalgudi Visweswaran, BhadrinarayanaEncapsulation of Organic Light Emitting DiodesWagner, Sigurd; Sturm, James
2019Wang, MattFabrication of Highly-Porous Stress-Free 3D-Compatible Flexible Neural ProbesSturm, James
1991Manoharan, Harindran C.Growth and Study of Strained-layer Si/Si1-xGex HeterostructuresSturm, James
-Huo, WeiguangGrowth of Atomically-flat Si/SiGe Heterostructures by Ultra-High-Vacuum Chemical Vapor DepositionSturm, James
1989Nayak, JawaharHigh-Frequency Capacitance Measurement of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor CapacitorsSturm, James
2000Bakker, Timothy C.Investigation of InGaAs Photon Assisted Carrier DiffusionSturm, James
2000Bakker, Timothy C.Investigation of Photon Diffusion in InGaAs Linear Photodiode ArraySturm, James
1990Meleis, WaleedAn Investigation of the NECC PD79ID Charge Coupled Imaging DeviceSturm, James
2016Weaver, CampbellThe LASS System: Structural Health Monitoring By Large Area Strain DetectionSturm, James
2000Madigan, ConorPolymer Organic Light Emitting Diode Patterning by Ink Jet PrintingSturm, James
2019Ge, AndrewSystem Integration for Implementation of 3D Neural ProbeSturm, James
1992Aytur, Turgut S.VLSI Delay Estimation Based on Process Parameter VariancesSturm, James