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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Calimlim, JustinAdditive Advancements in Medical Technology: Easing 3D-Printable Instruments Into Orthopedic SurgeryStone, Howard
2015Mawe, LiamBlood and Turbulence: How varying Reynolds Numbers Affects Shear-Induced Haemolysis in Turbulent Taylor-Couette FlowsSmits, Alexander; Stone, Howard
2020Hooper, MeredithCharacterization of a Xanthan Gum — Cetylpyridinium Chloride Microfluidic SystemStone, Howard; Nunes, Janine
2016Maselli, NicholasDesigning a Robotic System Implementing Autonomous Path-finding, Image Processing, and Mechanical Actuation to Clean and Organize a SpaceStone, Howard
2019Oscher, ShannonEmulsion Separation Using the Motion of a Confined DropletStone, Howard
2016Lee, KevinEnhancement of Single-Effect Solar Still Productivity Using a Rotating Aluminum Mesh CylinderStone, Howard
1994Stuart, Erik A.An Investigation of the Jet Charge Asymmetry in Z DecaysStone, Howard
-Chuang, SaraSurface-association of Pseudomonas aeruginosaGitai, Zemer; Stone, Howard
2016Palucki, KrzysztofTesting a Custer Channel Wing Personal Air VehicleStone, Howard
2020Green, CarterThermal Vacuum Chamber for CubeSat QualificationStone, Howard
2015Wang, DawnTrapping Mechanisms in Flows in T-Shaped, Y-Shaped, and Arrow-Shaped Junctions for Different Reynolds Numbers 0 (100 - 1000)Stone, Howard
2020Banavige, Jeb; Matthews, Connor; Raghavan, AdhityaWaste to Work: Powering Cold Storage Systems Using Biomass and Solar EnergyStone, Howard