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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Olajide, AminahThe Adenosine A\(_{2A}\) Receptor and Olfactory Dysfunction in Parkinson’s DiseaseStock, Jeffry
2015Downey, MelissaAn Analysis of the Relationship Between Traumatic Brain Injury and the Development of Neurodegenerative DiseasesStock, Jeffry
2006Tran, Timothy Y.The Anti-Cancer Effect of Mullerian Inhibiting SubstanceStock, Jeffry
2005Davis, Maurice AntoineC. Elegans Neurotoxin-Induced Models of Parkinson’s Disease: Neuropharmacological Implications for GFP Fluorescence Screening and for Analysis of Aberrant Dopamine-Mediated BehaviorsStock, Jeffry
2005Ku, RosemaryA Critical Perspective on the Use of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors in Alzheimer’s DiseaseStock, Jeffry
2012Halenda, Kevin MichaelA Deletion in C. elegans pptr-1 Affects Neuronal FunctionStock, Jeffry
2015Wilson, Donald G.Determining the Abundance of Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide in Coffea Arabica Using High Performance Liquid ChromatographyStock, Jeffry
2019MacFarlane, CarolynThe Effects of Stochastic Vestibular Stimulation on Gait Dysfunction in Parkinson’s DiseaseStock, Jeffry
2006Dixon, Jesse R.Gene Expression Changes in Yeast Lacking Regulatory Elements of Protein Phosphatase 2A.Stock, Jeffry
2000Anolik, Robert T.Genomic Analysis of the Chemotaxis System in Eubacteria and the ArchaeaStock, Jeffry
1997Silletti, Joseph P.Inhibitors of Rho GTPase Carboxyl Methylation Block Fibronectin-Stimulated Rho Redistribution and F-Actin FormationStock, Jeffry
2005Martin, Caitlin M.A Model for Homocysteine Induction of Atherosclerosis via Modulation of Reversible Protein MethylationStock, Jeffry
2000Louden, Barrett AsherN-Acetyl-S-Trans, Trans-Farnesyl-L-Cysteine Associated Prenylcysteine Carboxyl Methyltransferase Activity- Evidence for Two Distinct Kinetic ModelsStock, Jeffry
2014Shen, MilesThe Neuroprotective Effects of Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide in an in vitro Model for Parkinson’s DiseaseStock, Jeffry
2006Anderson, Trené MoniquePAR-2 Function in Keloid Pathogenesis. A Potential Mechanism for the Correlation Between Ethnic Skin Color and the Predisposition for Keloid Scar FormationStock, Jeffry
2005Austin, Wayne RobertThe Periplasmic Domains of High-Abundance MCPs are Necessary for Trans-Complementation of Ribose-TaxisStock, Jeffry
2011Bell, Brandon A.A Review of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)Stock, Jeffry
2013Umenta, JanetSenile Dementia and Healthcare in America: An Appeal for WellnessStock, Jeffry
1997Blane, Andrew J.Signal Transduction in Mammals: An Analysis of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Activation MechanismsStock, Jeffry
1999Ghebretnsae, JaffetStoichiometry of Components in Bacterial Chemotaxis Receptor-Kinase Signaling ComplexesStock, Jeffry