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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Baldwin, ToddA Data-Driven Neural Network for State-of-Health Estimation in Lithium Ion BatteriesSteingart, Daniel
2015Gjeltema, Peter JamesAcoustic Interrogation of BatteriesSteingart, Daniel; Rowley, Clarence
2015Bradford, Caleb James; Floyd, Matthew EugeneAn Analysis of Copper Prussian Blue as a Viable Active Material in a Washable Battery Dip-Coater SystemSteingart, Daniel
2018Iyer, GokulanandAnalysis of Dendrite Growth in Secondary Zinc Cells via EIS AnalysisSteingart, Daniel
-Davies, GregoryCharacterization of batteries using ultrasound: applications for battery management and structural determinationSteingart, Daniel
2014Grossman, GideonDesign of a Low-Cost Frequency Response Analyzer for Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopySteingart, Daniel
2015Mohr, Robert CharlesDesign of a Non-Flowing Zinc Bromine BatterySteingart, Daniel
2015Amber, Lucas SamuelDesign of an Electric Powertrain for a Formula Hybrid RacecarSteingart, Daniel
2014Davies, Daniel M.Design of Three Low Cost Devices to Test the Characteristics of BatteriesSteingart, Daniel
2018Fair, TommyThe Effects of Cycling and Storage Conditions on Li-Ion Battery Health, Rate Capability, and RecyclabilitySteingart, Daniel
2015Mehra, AashnaHydrated Manganese-Doped Calcite as an Oxygen-Reduction Reaction CatalystSteingart, Daniel
2019Denner, KatherineIdentification of lithium deposition and characterization of state of charge, state of health, and temperature in extreme fast charge cells using ultrasonic methodsSteingart, Daniel
2018Raja, AmirImaging basic structures using experimental ultrasonic methods coupled with waveform inversion techniquesSteingart, Daniel
2018Greenberg, Aliya; Kadosh, Bar; Shield, TenleyLithium-ion Batteries: An Analysis of Commercial Viability and an Application in an Off-Grid Solar-Battery SystemSteingart, Daniel
2018Lord, Jonathan; Wambersie, AugustinModular Jet Engine Design: an Alternative Power Generation SolutionSteingart, Daniel
-Hodson, ThomasProbing of the Evolution of Electrochemical Systems using Non-Destructive TechniquesSteingart, Daniel
2018Coates, DanielleScaling a Minimal Architecture Zinc Bromine BatterySteingart, Daniel
2016Wang, MichaelUnderstanding Electrochemical-Acoustic-Time-of-Flight Analysis and Materials for Energy StorageSteingart, Daniel