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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1999Huang, DavidAdhesive Function of N-cadherin and Its Cytopladmic InteractionsSteinberg, Malcolm
1996Friedlander, Paige M.Attempts to Visualize Cell Cycle Patterning of the Lateral Mesoderm in Ambystoma MexicanumSteinberg, Malcolm
1997Shaw, Osbourne A.Cloning Animals: An Examination of its DevelopmentSteinberg, Malcolm
1995Baze, Elizabeth F.Effects of Tissue Culture Medium on the Interfacial Tension and Envelopment Behavior of Embryonic Chick Myocyte and and Fibroblast AggregatesSteinberg, Malcolm
1997Lin, William M.Generation of N-Cadherin expressing CHO cell line for Quantitative Analysis of Cell AdhesionSteinberg, Malcolm
2000Yun, KatherineModulation of Cell Adhesion by Peptides Containing a Putative Cadherin Cell Adhesion Recognition SequenceSteinberg, Malcolm
1996Fitzpatrick, ErikaNewt Limb RegenerationSteinberg, Malcolm
1998Santos, Marta EnidPatterns of Neural Development: The Mechanisms and Molecules Involved in Axonal GuidanceSteinberg, Malcolm
1996Wang, Jeanne K.Pronephric Duct Migration in the Axolotl Ambystoma mexicanum Embryo: I: Characterization of the Adhesive Properties of Lateral Flank Mesoderm and II: A Proposal for the Application of a Novel Technique--Chromophore-Assisted Laser Inactivation In vivo-Steinberg, Malcolm
2000Flagg, AlledaA Quantitative Analysis of Cadherin-Mediated Cell SortingSteinberg, Malcolm
1997Breen, Stacey M.Regeneration in Lumbriculus variegatus: A Teaching ThesisSteinberg, Malcolm
1984Bienenstock, Arielle NadineSyngeneic Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions to B Cells, Fc Receptor Bearing, Nonadherent Low Density Lymph Nodes Cells and Epidermal Langerhans CellsSteinberg, Malcolm
1998Reeder, Jennifer GordonVitamin D Alters Cell-Cell Adhesion and Integrin Expression in a Human Melanoma Cell LineSteinberg, Malcolm