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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1997Ernster, Gretchen M.Adventures in Fellowship: An Examination of The College Settlements Association and the Reciprocal Relationship between Higher Education and Social NeedStansell, M. Christine
1997Dockser, Hillary B.Americanization and American History: The New York City Textbook Controversy, 1920-1924Stansell, M. Christine
1993Lightdale, Hallie A.Daughters of Nantucket: Womanhood, Family, and Community, 1800-1850Stansell, M. Christine
1997Vassallo, Kristin L.From Teena's Discovery to Girls' Best Friend: The First Seventeen Years of Seventeen 1944-1961Stansell, M. Christine
2001Weiner, Courtney LaurenHer Side of Paradise: The Seven Sister Schools and Youth Culture in the 1920sStansell, M. Christine
2001Ivanova, SuzetteHidden Beneath the Silence: Evidence of Sexual Abuse & Psychological Trauma of Black Female SlavesStansell, M. Christine
1994Morbeck, Melinda L.The Impact of World War II on Wmoen Workers in Seattle War IndustriesStansell, M. Christine
1994Kim, Mia CassandraJazz Love Freedom and Color in Renaissance HarlemStansell, M. Christine
1998Metzger, James EdwardLas Vegas, 1931-1955: The Legitimization of the Gambling IndustryStansell, M. Christine
1993McBennett, Cindy M.Mothers in Chains: Slave Mothers in the Antebellum SouthStansell, M. Christine
1993Braun, Alicia D.Notions of Femininity: Dorothea Dix and the Politics of Asylum Reform in the Nineteenth CenturyStansell, M. Christine
1994Gustafson, Kristen LynOur Animal Friends: Postbellum Victorian Humanity and the Foundation of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsStansell, M. Christine
2001Basile, Marie ElisabethSisters and Brothers: Development of Gender Relations Among the Shakers from 1779 to 1849Stansell, M. Christine
1993Berger, KaraStyled Women: The Transition in Feminine Beauty Ideals in the United States from 1890-1929Stansell, M. Christine
1993Reejhsinghani, Anju N.Swami Shohagini (The Husband's Favorite)Stansell, M. Christine
2002Park, Sharon LeeThe USO: An Experiment in DemocracyStansell, M. Christine
2002Patrick, Elizabeth MackenzieWhat a Babe! The History of Beauty and Femininity in Women's AthleticsStansell, M. Christine
1993Strother, Megan K."Woman Suffrage versus Woman's Sphere: Examining the Woman Suffrage Movement in Arkansas, 1880-1920"Stansell, M. Christine
1994Cieslak, Jennifer E.Women and Music in Nineteenth-Century America and the Rise of the Women's Music Club MovementStansell, M. Christine