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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2004Goodman, Margaret JaneThe ABCFM Oregon Mission, 1836-1847: Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Whitman MassacreStansell, Christine
2004Soliz, Barbara K.Always La Raza: The Chicano Struggle for Power in the American Political SystemStansell, Christine
2006McConnon, Andres MihkelAmerican Mass Market Journalism and the Crisis of the 1930s: Ken Magazine and the Failed Third WayStansell, Christine
2002Reser, Hillary A."An Army of Lovers Cannot Lose": The Question of 1970s Lesbian-Feminist SeparatismStansell, Christine
2006Lau, CarolineBodies of Difference: Women and Medicine in Boston, 1820-1882Stansell, Christine
2005Prewitt, Morgan E.Built for the People of the United States of America: The Tennessee Valley Authority's Formative Years, 1933-1939Stansell, Christine
2006Dalle Pazze, Laura M.Changing the Tide: Esquire and Its Influence on Middle-Class Masculinity in the 1960sStansell, Christine
2005Lee, AllisonManipulating the 'Blues': Tracing the Path to Power through Elizabeth Montagu's Correspondence in Eighteenth Century BritainStansell, Christine
2000Mason, Ani Van DykeNew Women, 'Making it New': Sylvia Beach And the Dilemma of Modern WomanhoodStansell, Christine
1996Muller, Elizabeth DavisonNineteenth Century Visual Entertainments and Optical Toys: Formulations of the Modern ObserverStansell, Christine
1996Freeman, Lauren DanaNot for "Pin-Money": The Women's Bureau's Defense of the Married Woman Worker During the DepressionStansell, Christine
1996Hinckley, Julia DimockA Passion for the Obvious: A History of Equal Rights Amendment ActivismStansell, Christine
2005Cross, Carolyn B.Theodore Roosevelt, His Sons, and the Ambitious Experiment with Adolescence (1890-1910): Evaluating the Invention and Legacy of a Socially Constructed Age GroupStansell, Christine
2006Lloyd, Christopher AllanVice and the City: The Role of Gender and the Women's Movement in Anti-Prostitution Efforts by the Committee of FourteenStansell, Christine
2000Geist, Brandon I.White Slaves, Dark Truths: the 1910 Rockefeller Grand Jury Investigation in New York CityStansell, Christine