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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Pappas, Christine GoodwinAssembly, characterization, and operation of large-scale TES detector arrays for ACTPolStaggs, Suzanne
2001Simmons, Brooke D.An Atmosphere Detector for the Princeton I,Q, U ExperimentStaggs, Suzanne
2012Pittleman, GabrielCalibration of Detector Angles Using Moon Polarization for the Atacama B-Mode Search ExperimentStaggs, Suzanne
-Simon, Sara MichelleCosmic Microwave Background Polarimetry with ABS and ACT: Instrumental Design, Characterization, and AnalysisStaggs, Suzanne
2007Ritter, CoreyCoupling the QUIET Receiver to the ACT Telescope: A Simple Two-Lens SolutionStaggs, Suzanne
-Appel, John WilliamDetectors for the Atacama B-mode Search ExperimentStaggs, Suzanne
2004Kaul, MadhuriEmmisivity of Stacked Corrugated Feed HornStaggs, Suzanne
2004Trangsrud, AmyLikelihood Analysis Software, CBR Polarization, and CAPMAPStaggs, Suzanne
2007Besson, Brent T.Maximizing Absorption in the ACT Millimeter Bolometer Array CameraStaggs, Suzanne
2000Ortiz, Eugenio E.Nonlinear Behavior of the Applied Magnetic Field in a Hall Effect Thruster : A Study of the Princeton Plasma Physics Hall Thruster and its Magnetic FieldStaggs, Suzanne
2014Titus, CharlesOptical Characterization of a Highly Multimoded BolometerStaggs, Suzanne; Kusaka, Akito
2014Perlman, SethPredicted Constraint of w0-wa Phase Space Through Galaxy Cluster CatalogsStaggs, Suzanne
-Li, YaqiongProbing the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Using Large Superconducting Detector ArraysStaggs, Suzanne
2011Dooley, GregorySimulations of Polarized Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Observation for the Atacama B-mode Search Telescope.Staggs, Suzanne
1999Hinderks, James RobertThe Theory, Design and Implementation of a High-Speed Digital CorrelatorStaggs, Suzanne