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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2007Le, Loan T.An Appropriate Technology for Farmers in Developing Countries: A Solar-Driven Food DryerSoboyejo, Winston
2007Farias, Stephen L.Bioinspired Design of Dental Multilayers: An Experimental Investigation of the Use of Functionally Graded Materials for Improved EfficacySoboyejo, Winston
2002Anderson, Robert W.A Characterization of Dwell Fatigue in Three Microstructures of Ti-6242Soboyejo, Winston
2002Condlife, ElizabethConstitutive Properties of Cells as determined by NanoindentationSoboyejo, Winston
2004Ellerbee, AaronDesign of a Knee Brace: Support for a Partially Torn ACLSoboyejo, Winston
2004Kavanagh, BrendanDesign of a Ski Tread for Terrain AscentSoboyejo, Winston
2008van Hoek, Alexander T.Design of an Implantable Biomedical Device for Localized Drug DeliverySoboyejo, Winston
2016Shah, SerenaDesign of Porous, Biodegradable, Polymer Scaffolds for Localised Drug Delivery in the Treatment of Breast CancerSoboyejo, Winston
2002Delisser, KemeshaDesigner Interfaces for Osteoblast Adhesion to Titanium Implant SurfacesSoboyejo, Winston
2003McGovern, John-PaulDetermination of Optimal Micro-Groove Spacing on Ti-6A1-4V for Human Osteoblast Contact GuidanceSoboyejo, Winston
2002Mah, Jeffery L.The Effects of Hertzian Loading on Artificial Hip ImplantsSoboyejo, Winston
2003Langhammer, ChristopherThe Effects of Microgroove Spacing and Contact Guidance on Osteoblast Adhesion to Ti-6A1-4V SubstrateSoboyejo, Winston
2002Levy, SashaThe Effects of Surface Features on Cell Adhesion to Bioglass 45S5Soboyejo, Winston
2002Van Dalen, MarshaThe Effects of Surface Features on the Interactions between Cells and Bioactive Glass 45S5Soboyejo, Winston
2002Forlee, SherwoodElectroactive Polymer: Its Potential as Artificial MusclesSoboyejo, Winston
2003Conroy, LouiseFailure Mechanisms in Ti-46 5A1-4 (Cr, Nb, Ta, B)Soboyejo, Winston
2002Cirincione, Robert J.Fatigue Crack Propagation in Fully Amorphous and Dispersed Crystallite Containing Bulk Metallic GlassSoboyejo, Winston
2008Somple, Jessica K.Femoral Stem for Hip ArthroplastySoboyejo, Winston
2005Hayward, Lauren N. M.The Gordian Knot: Using Magnetite Nanoparticles to Detect and Treat Reproductive CancersSoboyejo, Winston
2008Rogers, Ariel N.Hands-Free CrutchesSoboyejo, Winston