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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1994Rudolph, JoshuaAughty Acres and No Mule: The Social and Economic Plight of the Freedmen During and After the Civil WarSobel, Richard
1995Harlin, Naomi J.Brick by Brick: How the Understanding of the First Amendment's Religious Clauses Changed Over TimeSobel, Richard
1993Weissenberger, JeanneCrime and Punishment: The Development of United States Policy Toward Post-World War II Nazi GermanySobel, Richard
1993Gagnon, Erik E.The Development of the Taft-Hartley Act: Labor Relations and Government Policy after World War IISobel, Richard
1994Mayfield, JenniferThe Effects of International Laws on the Treatment of Prisoners of War During World War II and VietnamSobel, Richard
1993Amonett, John T.Further from the Truth: The Relationship between the American Media, Government and Public during the Vietnam War 1963-1973Sobel, Richard
1995Hom, Tyson KendallThe Golden Arches: McDonald's and Cold War American CultureSobel, Richard
1995McInerney, Jr., Thomas K.A Misled Man Kennedy, the CIA, and the Bay of PigsSobel, Richard
1993Gordon, Alexander N.Operation Barbarossa: Doomed from Its InceptionSobel, Richard
1993Bunn, Nita KimbrelPartnerships against Poverty: Jimmy Carter and Neighborhood RevitaliazationSobel, Richard
1995Dickinson, Christopher P.The Return of the Buffalo? Native American Gambling: A Washington State PerspectiveSobel, Richard
1993Poag, Daniel M.The Rise and Decline of Boss Crump's Memphis Machine: Why Even Efficient Machine Government is DangerousSobel, Richard
1994Huang, Albert Yao WheiThe Road to Exclusion: Anti-Chinese Agitation in California, 1850-1882Sobel, Richard
1995Buxton, James Taylor HugheyWade Hampton, III: The Fulcrum of the Racial and Class Struggles in Nineteenth Century South CarolinaSobel, Richard