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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2007Jones, Tarik T.Autonomous Robotic EelSmits, Alexander
2015Mawe, LiamBlood and Turbulence: How varying Reynolds Numbers Affects Shear-Induced Haemolysis in Turbulent Taylor-Couette FlowsSmits, Alexander; Stone, Howard
2008Dai, YangDesign of an Autonomous Lamprey-Based Robot with 3D Mobility and Object Avoidance CapabilitiesSmits, Alexander
2008Xia, ZhenDesign of Instrument for Real-Time Corneal MeasurementsSmits, Alexander
2016Gibbons, ScottDesigning A SUBOFF Model for Drag Reduction Using SLIPSSmits, Alexander
-Hartl, Katherine AndersonExperimental Investigation of Laboratory Fire WhirlsSmits, Alexander
2008Meyer, Karl A.Fabrication and Testing of Nanoscale Thermal Anemometry Probes (NSTAP) for Small-Scale Turbulence ResolutionSmits, Alexander
2003Santiago, SeanFlapping Membrane for Investigation of Underwater Propulsion: Built and Designed with Nitinol WiresSmits, Alexander
2012Surany, JonathanThe Hammerhead - Innovating AUV Propulsion DesignSmits, Alexander
2015Graff, Lindsay Kalla; McCourt, Zachary BurtonHarvesting Energy from Piezoelectrics Excited by Helmholtz Resonance: A Feasibility StudySmits, Alexander
2018Dubitsky, Lena; Fredericks, LeifInvestigating the Characteristics of Helmholtz Resonator Energy HarvestingSmits, Alexander; Hultmark, Marcus
2007Mitchell, John-Paul N.Laser Applications in Tattoo RemovalSmits, Alexander
2008Kherani, Zaafir S.Mechanical and Optical Modeling of the Human Eye with Applications to the Development of Predictive Software for Corneal Reshaping ProceduresSmits, Alexander
2007Fang, LillyA Mechanical Model for the Study of Dolphin Swimming HydrodynamicsSmits, Alexander
2007Hill, JeffreyNSTAP: Fabrication and Testing of Nanoscale Thermal Anemometry ProbesSmits, Alexander
2015Lee, Marcus Kuok KuanSmall-scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design for Testing and Optimization in the Princeton High Reynolds Number Test FacilitySmits, Alexander; Hultmark, Marcus