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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2005Smith, Laura Katherine OrzechowskiActive Deformation of the Jid Fault, Mongolian AltaiSmith, James
2004Holland, Elliott J.Agricultural Water Policy and the Groundwater Mining Phenomenon on Arkansas’ Grand PrairieSmith, James
2016Wilcots, Julia KatherineCharacterizing hydrologic response in urban watersheds: a case study of Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaSmith, James
1997Yaryan, Holly R.The Colorado River - life, death and sustainable developmentSmith, James
2003Bergbreiter, AmeliaDetermining the 100-Year Floodplain in an Urban EnvironmentSmith, James
2003Nelson, PeterEvolution of Hydrologic Response and Channel Morphology in an Urban Drainage Basin in the Maryland PiedmontSmith, James
2022Su, YibingExtratropical Cyclones, Atmospheric Rivers, and the Hydrometeorology of Extreme Rainfall for the US East of the Rocky MountainsSmith, James
2011Lee, MegGenesis and Evolution of Severe Storms over New York CitySmith, James
2002Henck, AmandaGeomorphology of steep, forested headwater basins in the NortheastSmith, James
2005Henn, Brian M.The Harry's Brook Environmental Laboratory: Initial Hydrologic StudiesSmith, James
2014Rea, IanHere Comes The Sun: An Evaluation Of Evaporation Reduction Via Artificial Destratification and Photovoltaic Inflow ShadingSmith, James
2018Gideon, RoanIntegrated Wave and Offshore Wind Energy: Benefits and ChallengesBou-Zeid, Elie; Smith, James
2005Dittman, Stephen TimothyInvestigating Detachment Fold Shortening in the Yakeng Anticline, China: An Excess Area and Imaginary AnalysisSmith, James
2008Barnhart, Katherine R.Metamorphism of Proterozoic Rocks in North Central New Mexico based on Quantitative ThermobarometrySmith, James
2014Kinter, SaulModeling Water Distributions along the Brazos RiverSmith, James
2011Thalheim, Philip Peter WolterPykrete: Properties and ApplicationsSmith, James
2020Gray, ErinRain, Rain, Go Away: Historic Rainfall Analysis in the Baltimore RegionSmith, James; Bou-Zeid, Elie
2019Rhodes, OliviaSea Level Rise Affecting Coastal Structures in Naval Station NorfolkSmith, James
2008Cochrane, Keith A.Slaying the Surge: A Hydrodynamic Study of New York City's Hurricane RiskSmith, James