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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2021Kirkpatrick, HudsonAI Poker Agent for 5-Card Stud MiniaturesSly, Allan
2018Altschuler, DylanCritical Long Range Percolation: Scaling Limits for Small βLiu, Chun-Hung; Sly, Allan
2021Attwa, YamaanCutoff for random walk on k columns of hypercubesSly, Allan
2018Sharma, DakshGeometric Approaches to High-Dimensional Logistic RegressionSly, Allan; Chen, Yuxin
2018Boix, EnricAn Information-Percolation Bound for \(\mathbb{Z}/2\mathbb{Z}\) SynchronizationSly, Allan; Abbe, Emmanuel
2021Fitzpatrick, David "Davey"An Introduction to Scheduling ProblemsSly, Allan
2018Yang, NicholasThe Knowledge Gradient Policy in Sequential Decision-Making ApplicationsSly, Allan; Powell, Warren
2018Shu, PeterLarge Deviations Principle on the Mixing Times of Exponential Random Graph ModelsSly, Allan; Nestoridi, Evita
2022Zhang, LingfuLocal and Global Geometry of Directed Last-Passage Percolation ModelsSly, Allan
2019Kim, DoWonOn Fairness of Classification in Machine LearningSly, Allan; Braverman, Mark
2022Farah, AhmedOn the structural properties of the solution space of the symmetric binary perceptron with gaussian entriesSly, Allan
2021Chin, ByronOptimal Reconstruction of General Sparse Stochastic Block ModelsSly, Allan
2018Hwang, HeesuOptimal Strategies of Constrained Repeated GamesSly, Allan; Weinberg, Matt
2020Draper, JackPseudo-Random Weight Initialization in Deep Neural NetworksAdams, Ryan P; Sly, Allan
2020Nguen, Chung KyongRandom Walks On The Random Graphs With Power Law DistributionSly, Allan